Build a Water Field - New Water Crops - New Recipes!

Fill your Water Field! Add 5 water plots with the move tool. Harvest more water crops! Upgrade your Water Fields later with Favors! Add Water Plots.Water You Waiting For? Get Water Fields for Farmbucks! Save Big with this Great Deal! Water Fields drop more Crops and Bait! Save space on your river!
Water Field Level 1
Water Field Level 2
Water Field Level 3
Water Field Level 4
Water Field Level 5


Water Bamboo
Water Bamboo Prized

Black Rice
Black Rice Prized

Papyrus Prized

White Water Snowflake
White Water Snowflake Prized

Water Pepper
Water Pepper Prized


Sliced Bamboo

Tomato Bamboo Stir-fry

Seasoned Water Bamboo

Water Pepper Vinegar

Herb and Fish Filling

Herb and Fish Pastry

Black Rice Pudding

Black Rice and Corn

Black Rice Cranberry Salad

Papyrus Strips

Craft Paper

Papyrus Sandles

White Water Snowflake Necklace

White Water Snowflake Earings

White Water Snowflake Bouquet

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