Why are there 2 Hay Bales only for my Farmhands?

Howdy Farmers!

Have you seen the new building in front of your Farm? We're getting a sneak peek of FarmVille 2's new feature, My Farm Co-op! Yee-haw! 

Check out the Farm Co-op Building beside the Hay Bales of your Farmhands, near the road in front of your Farm. 

You might notice that there are only 2 Farmhand Hay Bales showing in front of your Farm. We asked our Farmhands to step back for a while to make room for the Farm Co-op Building. 

But don't worry, this will NOT affect the number of Farmhands you can use. If you have more than 2 Farmhands, the other Farmhand will show up once you have used one on the Hay Bale.

Happy Farming!
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