"That's How The Cookie Crumbles!" Quest Preview!

I am so excited that my Mayoral win coincides with the delicious Fall Harvest Jam festival! I've heard you make a mean jam! Maybe you can even share some with your neighbors! Can you help with the prep work for treats that go with that jam? My mouth is watering, just thinking of your famous jams!

Hunger Fames

Can you help with the prep work for treats that go with that jam? My mouth is watering, just thinking of your famous jams!

Quest Tasks:
Water 15 Wheat
Gather 20 Water, it'll come in handy for all that farming!
Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbor farms and check out their Jams!

Wheat For It...

Breads and cheese with Jam… Doesn't that sound just lovely?

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Baking Powder, it'll make for some delicious breads
Gather 2 Goat Cheese
Make 1 Cornbread

Crust-fallen Comrade

It's never nice to see someone feel bad. Your snackies are legendary, they'll definitely put a smile on Walter's face.

Quest Tasks:
Gather 6 Pecan, Walter's favorite nut
Feed 2 Adult Cow, milk is always a good drink!
Make 1 Sugared Cranberries

Cut That Frown Out!

No effort is too hard, if it'll put Walter back in a good mood. Those cookie cutters will make the perfect fall treats, for sure!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Cookie Cutter
Gather 20 Power
Make 2 Sunflower Cookies, it's sure to put a smile on his face!

Sticky Situation

I've heard politics was tricky, but I'm learning it now! Nothing a little bit of your delicious fig cake can't fix, though!

Quest Tasks:
Tend Hen House 2 times, chickens make Barbara smile!

Harvest 4 Orange Tree
Make 3 Fig Cake

Kneads Fixing

Steamy bread and sweet jam are just what this day calls for! I'll bring the bread, if you'll bring the jam!

Quest Tasks:
Feed 3 Adult Rabbit
Make 3 Butter, it'll be perfect for that bread!
Make 2 Fig Jam

Rise To The Occasion.

All that bread and jam is making me so slow! You'll have to do these on your own, I'm afraid. I'll need a nap to get over this gluttony!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Cupcake Stand
Feed 4 Adult Goat
Make 2 Orange Cupcake, I'm not too full for dessert!

We Be Jammin'!

That ice cream will go down really well with the crowds, I'm sure. Not to mention that heavenly jam!

Quest Tasks:
Harvest 20 Strawberry, perfect with Ice Cream 
Tend Goat Shelter 2 times, that cheese will add a nice tang to the evening!
Make 2 Ice Cream
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