"Something Spooky This Way Comes" Quest Preview!

Expected release-21-10-2014!
Earn Tricks by crafting spooky props for Percy's Spookhouse to earn weekly rewards!

Tricks or Treats?
First, you need to get your Tricks for Treats Station up and running to help out!

Quest Tasks:
Place your Tricks Or Treats Station.
Gather 30 Water.
Water 15 Black Bat Flowers.

Dead Ends

The entrance of the Spookhouse could look a bit creepier. Want to help, freaky farmer?

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Tombstones.
Gather 4 Black Feathers.
Craft 2 Pumpkin Pies.

Bone Appetit!

Let's set the setting for a maleficent murder!

Quest Tasks:
Gather 10 Rubber.
Feed 2 Adult Donkeys.
Craft 5 White Dream Catchers.

Ghoul Garden

There is a patio area in the middle of the Spookhouse that could use some creeping touches!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Creepy Rose Vases.
Gather 20 Power.
Craft 5 Orange Cupcakes.

Too Ghoul for School

Our Ghoulrific Garden needs a few finishing touches for maximum fright and delight.

Quest Tasks:
Harvest your Pig Pen Twice.
Harvest 4 Olive Trees.
Craft 2 Votive Candles.

Scared Sheepless

We need a few more goodie bags to give out to everyone who visits the Spookhouse!

Quest Tasks:
Feed 6 Adult Sheep.
Craft 4 Pumpkin Soups.
Craft 2 Burlap Sacks.

Romeo and Ghouliet

There's an empty room in the Spookhouse which we're transforming into a theater for spooky stories!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Candy Corn Lights.
Super feed 4 Adult Pigs.
Craft 3 Leather Journals.

Hare-Raising Horrors

Your story of the were-rabbit has become a local legend!  Let's try to find one for the Spookhouse!

Quest Tasks:
Harvest 20 Eggplants.
Harvest your Rabbit Warren Twice.
Craft 4 Red Yarn Spindles.
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