The Fruit Appraiser, Quest Preview!

Great tasting pies require the best fruit!
 What we need is a system to determine the best fruit.
 If you help me get ready to grade the fruit I have some Baby Bottles for you!

Fruit A-Peel

Walter is grading the fruit for the pies and needs your help!
Quest Tasks:
Water 25 Carrot

Make 3 Carrot Bread, we need to eat before all this work.

Harvest 2 BananTree, they are easy to grade.

Why Weigh?

Often the best tasting fruit is neither too small nor too large. You want them right in the mouth-watering middle!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Fruit Scales

Prune 1 Lime Tree, heirloom fruit is the best!

Earn 200 County Fair Point

Fruity Recipe

Use some of that great fruit to make recipes.
Quest Tasks:
Harvest 6 Mango Tree, keep that fruit coming.

Make 3 Mango Muffin, the great fruit will make these delicious.

Make 20 Apple Juice to wash down the muffins.

Sizing it up

Walter needs better equipment to find the best fruit!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Fruit Calipers

Make 5 Peach Muffin, another great fruit recipe.

Make 14 Metal Photo Frame so we can frame pictures of the best fruit.

Filling up the tank

Get ready to craft with this great fruit we found!
Quest Tasks:
Dry 16 Water Crop, we need these.

Make 2 Rice Pudding, this should fill us up!

Make 3 BananCream Pie, another great fruit recipe!

Filling up the tank

Make sure you're fertilizing your trees to get the best fruits for the county fair. Now about those fruit recipes...
Quest Tasks:

Make {total} {item}
Make {total} {item}, fruit to wash down the fruit.
Make {total} {item}, so tasty.

Stick It To Em'

Keep helping Walter sort the fruit an earn baby bottles.
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Fruit Stickers

Gather 20 Heirloom Pear, more fruit to grade!

Make 7 Heirloom Orange Apple Cupcake, a great use of that fruit!

Fantastic Fruit

Make one last fruit recipe and earn baby bottles from Walter.
Quest Tasks:
Earn 1 Spaghetti Squash, don't forget to keep up with your other crops.

Superfeed 4 Adult Horse,

Make 2 Heirloom Lemon Meringue Pie, this will prove how great our fruit is!

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