"Rocks For Walter" Quest Preview!

Walter doesn't believe all rocks are as pretty as Crystal Geodes. Every rock is special in its own way! Let me show you and I'll even give you 4 Crystal Geodes!

Let it Rock!

All rocks can be awesome if you know what to look for!
Quest Tasks:
Place 1 Crystal Geode Workbench
Feed 4 Adult Donkey: stock up on Crystal Geodes to see the difference.
Water 10 Fiesole Artichoke

Rocks in a Row

Lets get organized, so we can impress Walter with these rocks.
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rock Case: to keep the rocks in order. 
Water 20 Eggplant: they look like rocks, but they aren't.
Make 3 Fine Fur Pillow for the hard rocks.

Geodes.. Dude!

I want all sorts of rocks, including geodes.
Quest Tasks:
Make 2 Geode Crystal Kit: to find some Crystals.
Collect 2 Quartz Crystal: these will be great!
Make 3 Corn Meal to reward the donkeys.

Rocking the Books

Harden up your knowledge of rocks!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rock Encyclopedia
Gather 15 Rope: to haul around these heavy rocks.
Tend 1 Sheep Shack: can't have sheep in the way.

Rock Energy

Let's make some food to keep our energy up.
Quest Tasks:
Harvest 20 Fiesole Artichoke. 
Make 2 Pickled Baby Artichoke: it looks tasty.
Make 2 Rope Crochet Rug; keep those feet clean!

Geodes For Walter

Let's find some extra geodes to keep Walter from interrupting our rock hunting.

Quest Tasks:
Make 3 Geode Crystal Kit: maybe we will find some normal rocks.
Make 1 Roll of Twine: twine is vital to rock hunting.
Make 3 Blue Rubber Glove: these will come in handy.

Polishing A Rock

It takes some elbow grease to have great looking rocks.
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rock Polish
Make 2 Rope Vase
Tend your Horse Stable 2: we need the Horsepower to get these rocks clean!

The Right Rocks

Lets show these rocks off and try to impress Walter!
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Cow Shed: Cows get on Walter's bad side.

Gather 20 Milk: to get Walter in a good mood.

Make 2 Strawberry Ice Cream: No better way to impress Walter when we show him!
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