Jicama is Here! (Market LE Items)

Plant some delicious Jicama and check out Himalayan Rabbits, Chinese Flame Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time!


 Pachyrhizus erosus, or jicama: is also known as the Mexican yam or the Mexican turnip.


 Despite their name, the origin location of the Himalayan rabbit is unknown.
Baby Himalayan Rabbit
Adult Himalayan Rabbit
Prized Himalayan Rabbit

The Reeves's pheasant was named for naturalist John Reeves: who brought the species to Europe in 1831.

Baby Reeves’s Pheasant
Adult Reeves’s Pheasant
Prized Reeves’s Pheasant

The Mahogany pig: is of standard size and is a beautiful shade of reddish brown.

Baby Mahogany Pig
Adult Mahogany Pig
Prized Mahogany Pig

The gray Pygora goat: is a variant of a breed that originated by crossing a Pygmy goat and an Angora goat.

Baby Gray Pygora Goat
Adult Gray Pygora Goat
Prized Gray Pygora Goat


Acer nigrum, or the black maple: is a subspecies of the maple tree that produces the same sweet maple syrup.

Black Maple Tree
Heirloom Black Maple Tree

Koelreuteria bipinnata, or the Chinese flame tree: can grow up to twenty meters tall and is widely used for decoration.

Chinese Flame Tree
Heirloom Chinese Flame Tree

Chrysophyllum oliviforme, or the Indian Gooseberry Tree: is recognizable due to its crooked trunk and sour fruit.

Indian Gooseberry

Heirloom Indian Gooseberry


Iceberg lettuce with sweet jicama gives us a fresh take on a classic salad!

Jicama Salad

 Lightly seasoned fries made from potato and jicama make a sweet and starchy treat!

Spicy Jicama Fries

The sweet taste of jicama in your cole slaw: is a great way to spice up any barbeque!

Jicama Slaw

Whole wheat pancakes smothered in black maple syrup. Sounds delicious! Tastes even better!

Black Maple Pancakes
Heirloom Black Maple Pancakes

The taste of the sour Indian gooseberry: is tempered with pure sugar and a sweet pie crust!

Indian Gooseberry Pie
Heirloom Indian Gooseberry Pie

Add elegance to any meal with a simple garnish of Chinese flame flowers!

Chinese Flame Garnish

Heirloom Flame Garnish
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