Dive into Red Belgium Endive! (Market LE Items)

Dive into growing our new Red Belgium Endive crop and check out Yokohama Chickens, Italian Stone Pine Trees, and more! Available for a limited time!


Beneath a red leafy exterior: the heart of the red Belgium endive is bullet shaped and often cooked or prepared in fresh salads.

Red Belgium Endive


The Yokohama Chicken: is native to Japan and is easily recognized by the unique plumage in the male.

Baby Yokohama Chicken
Adult Yokohama Chicken

Prized Yokohama Chicken

The Gray Mirandaise Cow: is a French breed originating from a Gason cow and a Garonnais bull.

Baby Gray Mirandaise Cow

Adult Gray Mirandaise Cow

Prized Gray Mirandaise Cow

The Damascus Goat: is raised most often in Syria and Lebanon and generally valuable for milk production.

Baby Damascus Goat
 Adult Damascus Goat
Prized Damascus Goat

The Gray Swamp Rabbit: native to the southern United States, has fur so thick it virtually waterproofs the animal's skin.
Baby Gray Swamp Rabbit
Adult Gray Swamp Rabbit
Prized Gray Swamp Rabbit


Mahonia lomariifolia, or the Chinese Holly Grape Tree: produces bright blue fruits in long strands that are often made into jams.

Chinese Holly Grape Tree
Heirloom Chinese Holly Grape Tree

Pinus pinea, or the Italian Stone Pine Tree: can grow up to sixty feet tall and produces pine cones containing pine nuts.

Italian Stone Pine Tree
Heirloom Italian Stone Pine Tree

Sorbus domestica, or the Service Tree: produces a reddish fruit that can be eaten raw or turned into a cider.

Service Tree
Heirloom Service Tree


Baked with freshly picked red Belguim endive and caramelized with pure sugar: this dish is perfect served as dessert or a special treat!

Caramelized Chicory

Whole wheat batter and fresh Italian pine nuts: are all you need for this tempting treat!

Italian Pine Cookies
Heirloom Italian Pine Cookies

Goat cheese is preferable, but any cheese will do, to make this delicate and delicious appetizer.

Stuffed Endive Leaves

Dried Chinese holly grapes: are easy to prepare. The sun does most of the work for you!

Dried Chinese Holly Grapes
Heirloom Dried Chinese Holly Grapes

Spread it on toast or add a dab to your favorite pastry. Either way, service berry jam: is a mouthful of flavor!

Service Berry Jam
Heirloom Service Berry Jam

A cool pitcher of ice filled with Chinese holly juice: can quench the thirst of any parched farmer!

Chinese Holly Juice
Heirloom Chinese Holly Juice

 Whole wheat batter and fresh Italian pine nuts: are all you need for this tempting treat!

Italian Pine Cookies
Heirloom Italian Pine Cookies

Fresh service berries and a homemade pie crust made with wheat flower: the two things you need to make a service berry pie!

Service Berry Pie
Heirloom Service Berry Pie

Start your mornings right with a hot porridge flavored with tasty Chinese holly grapes!

Chinese Holly Porridge
Heirloom Chinese Holly Porridge

Eat healthy with a base of fresh lettuce and a sprinkling of crunchy Italian pine nuts!

Italian Pine Nut Salad
Heirloom Italian Pine Nut Salad

A salad of red Belgium endive and fresh lettuce: is a healthy and colorful introduction to any meal!

Red Belgium Endive Salad

 If you want to make yummy service berry syrup: all you need is service berries and a kitchen to cook in!

Service Berry Syrup
Heirloom Service Berry Syrup
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