Try Purple Tomatillo! (Market Le Items)

Check out our new Purple Tomatillo crop and take a look at the Cream Kinder Goat, Pink Satin Pomegranate Tree, and more! Available for a limited time!


The Purple Tomatillo: is a vine plant used in many of the same recipes as tomatoes.

Purple Tomatillo


The Cream Kinder Goat: is a breed variant of a cross between a pygmy goat and Nubian goat.

Baby Cream Kinder Goat
Adult Cream Kinder Goat
Prized Cream Kinder Goat

Originating from the county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, the Cornish chicken: is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Baby White Cornish Chicken
Adult White Cornish Chicken
Prized White Cornish Chicken

The Sambar Deer: are a large breed, with only moose and elk being larger.

Baby Sambar Deer
Adult Sambar Deer
Prized Sambar Deer

The Dark Common Eider Duck: is the largest breed of duck in the Northern Hemisphere.

Baby Dark Common Eider Duck

Adult Dark Common Eider Duck

Prized Dark Common Eider Duck


Punica granatum, or the Pink Satin Pomegranate Tree: produces large sized pomegranates with a silky bright red rind.

Pink Satin Pomegranate Tree

Heirloom Pink Satin Pomegranate Tree

Sophora Japonica, or the Japanese Pagoda Tree: can grow up to sixty feet in height and blossoms with creamy white flowers.

Elder Japanese Pagoda Tree

Prized Elder Japanese Pagoda Tree

Pithecellobium dulce, or the Madras Thorn Tree: produces long strings of pods containing edible black seeds.

Elder Madras Thorn Tree

Prized Elder Madras Thorn Tree


It might look strange, but a salsa of onion and purple tomatillo taste delicious!

Purple Tomatillo Salsa

Sweetened with pure sugar, Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce: tastes great on vanilla ice cream! Hint, hint.

Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Heirloom Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Fresh madras thorn curry, lightly salted: is a dish every foodie should experience!

Madras Thorn Curry

Heirloom Madras Thorn Curry

A gift of lovely pagoda blossoms: is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

Pagoda Blossom Bouquet

Heirloom Pagoda Blossom Bouquet
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