Pheasant Phestivities, Quest Preview!

First stop would be with our rabbits! These guys should be pretty welcoming. Hopefully.

New Bird on the Block: 1-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Feed 3 Adult Rabbit to coax them out.
  2. Gather 2 Yogurt at the Creamery.
  3. Make 3 Bunny Yogurt Treat for the rabbits.

Harnessed Hares: 2-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Soft Rabbit Harness to walk some rabbits!
  2. Tend your Rabbit Warren 1 time to keep the rabbits comfortable.
  3. Make 5 Heirloom Peach Muffin to feed the rabbits.

Moo about Town: 3-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend your Prized Cow Shed 1 time to comfort the cows.
  2. Tend your Prized Cow Shed 1 time to comfort the cows.
  3. Make 2 Savory Swiss Cheese Soup to enjoy for yourself while you wait for the cows to come around.

There's No Place like Home: 4-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Milk Pail to milk the goats. They'll be happy to comply if they're sleepy from being milked.
  2. Tend your Goat Shelter 1 time.
  3. Make 5 Wool Padding to line your Goat Shed.

Horsin' Around: 5-8

Quest Tasks:

  1. Feed 4 Adult Horse to entice them to meet the new Pheasant.
  2. Tend 1 Horse Stable to muck the stalls.
  3. Make 2 Decorated Saddle to give the horses something extra to show off!

Pals in a Blanket: 6-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Gather 5 Piggy Chew Toy so the pigs feel loved.
  2. Tend your Pig Pen 1 time. That way the Pigs have a nice home to show off!
  3. Make 4 Heirloom Wood Guitar to serenade the pigs.

The Wool Whisperer: 7-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Feed 4 Adult Pig to convince the pigs to negotiate.
  2. Tend your Sheep Shack 1 time.
  3. Make 2 Orange Yarn for helping with the Pheasant's nest.

Quick Touch Ups: 8-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Feed 5 Adult Sheep to keep them from being nervous.
  2. Make 6 Wool Bolt to make some blankets for the Pheasant.
  3. Make 3 Heirloom Blue Sheep Toy for the arriving Pheasant.
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