Mountain Oasis Land Expansions! (Coming Soon)

Expand to the NEW Mountain Oasis!

1)Arathee Geyser Basin

 Unlock to get a Walter's Pine Tree and an Adult Rocky Mountain Goat!

 2)Mountain Oasis Retreat

 Unlock to get a Moss Log Cabin!

 3)Fox Lake Ranch

 Unlock to get a Baby Blue Roan Paint Horse!

 4)Baltarac Valley

 Unlock to get a Brick Patio Firepit!

 5)Greystone Park

 Unlock to get a Stone Walls and a Stone Garden!

 6)Highlands Ridge

  Coming Soon

Materials Needed for the Expansions:

Hiking Pack

Sleeping Bag

Hiking Boots

Water Pail

Green Wood Chipper


Vintage Lighter



 A hardy and delicious stew: perfect for warming up after a brisk day in the mountains!

Mountain Stew

A truly transformative jam where the vanilla shines: delicious on a piece of toast!

Vanilla Pear Jam

Heirloom Vanilla Pear Jam

This salsa: is a perfect snack after an afternoon trailriding around the mountains.

Garlic Salsa

An absolutely delicious smoothie: perfect for cooling down after a hard day of hiking!

Coconut Smoothie

Heirloom Coconut Smoothie

 Trekking Poles: are super useful when hiking.  They help reduce the impact of hiking on your legs as well as they can be used to move backcountry nuisances!

Trekking Pole

Heirloom Trekking Pole

A lovely hand-knitted sweater: celebrating all the colors and culture of the mountains! Perfect for keeping warm on a brisk day.

Mountain Oasis Sweater
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