"Campaign Strain" Quest Preview!

Political Ploys: Quest 1-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Fertilize 12 Corn to feed the pigs.
  2. Feed 3 Adult Pig to lead them out of their pens.
  3. Feed 2 Adult Sheep to also put them outside.

Dastardly Disguises: Quest 2-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Black Sombrero for a good disguise.
  2. Make 8 TerracottPitcher to fill with water for runaway animals.
  3. Make 10 Lasso to complete the outfit.

Horse Hijinks!:Quest 3-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend 1 Horse Stable to let the horses out!
  2. Make 10 Spurs to give yourself a boost!
  3. Make 3 Pair of Riding Boots to finish off your outfit.

Crooked Cowls!: Quest 4-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Bandit Mask to get your mask!
  2. Raise 1 Baby Horse to an adult to lead the charge!
  3. Make 5 Black SwMask to put masks on the horses as well!

Stampeding Stallions!: Quest 5-8

Quest Tasks:

  1. Tend 1 Sheep Shack to add to the stampede!
  2. Make 10 Wool Saddle Blanket for your horse to have.
  3. Make 2 French Lop Rabbit Statue to add a fake animal too!

Mud Slingin': Quest 6-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Gather 15 Mud to attract pigs.
  2. Make 15 Pottery Slip to use the extra mud.
  3. Make 5 Piggy Cookie Jar to catch Marie with her hand in the cookie jar!

Running A-Mud!: Quest 7-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Pig Mask to disguise yourself again!
  2. Super Feed 5 Adult Pig to give them energy!
  3. Make 15 Broccoli Quiche to feed yourself too!

Appetite for Apologies: Quest 8-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Achieve Yellow Mastery of the Blue Corn crop.
  2. Make 5 Blue Corn Chips to give to Marie as an apology.
  3. Make 2 Rustic Truffle Oil Bread to add with the chips.
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