Blue Corn is Here LE Items! (Coming Soon)

Test your farming skills on a new Blue Corn crop and check out Altai Mountain Goats, Elberta Peach Trees, and Blue Corn Blueberry Cake! Available for a Limited Time!


Blue Corn: produces kernels that are actually in the gray to black range.

Blue Corn


The Salmon Faverolle Chicken: is a beautiful and odd breed with beards and feathered legs.

Baby Salmon Faverolle Chicken

Adult Salmon Faverolle Chicken

Prized Salmon Faverolle Chicken

The African Forest Buffalo: is the smallest of the African buffaloes.

Child African Forest Buffalo
Adult African Forest Buffalo

Prized African Forest Buffalo

The East Indian Duck: is a small breed known for its dark and lustrous feathers.

Baby East Indian Duck
Adult East Indian Duck

Prized East Indian Duck

The Altai Mountain Goat: has a thick coat and is known for its wool production.

Baby Altain Mountain Goat
Adult Altain Mountain Goat

Prized Altain Mountain Goat


Betula occidentalis, or the Water Birch Tree: has a canopy that can extend to up to sixty feet wide.

Water Birch Tree

Heirloom Water Birch Tree

Aesculus flava, or the Blackhaw Tree: is a small tree with red-brown bark that produces white flowers.

Blackhaw Tree

Heirloom Blackhaw Tree

Prunus persica, or the Elberta Peach Tree: needs six to eight hours of sunlight each day and produces the most popular of all peaches.

Elberta Peach Tree

Heirloom Elberta Peach Tree


A simple bouquet of Blackhaw flowers: can brighten the mood of any room!

Blackhaw Bouquet

Heirloom Blackhaw Bouquet

An Elberta Peach Necklace: is stylish and edible!

Elberta Peach Necklace

Heirloom Elberta Peach Necklace

A French Lop Rabbit Statue: is understated but lovely addition to any garden.

French Lop Rabbit Statue

Heirloom French Lop Rabbit Statue

Blue Corn Blueberry Cake: is made from fresh blue corn and sweet berry custard. Sounds yummy, right?

No cake is more special than a birthday cake! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cupcake

Blue Corn Chips and fresh pico de gallo: are the perfect summer appetizer.

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