"Sesame Seed Summer" LE Items! (Coming Soon)

Raise a toast to summer with a new Sesame crop, Welsh Harlequin Ducks, Sweet-Gum Trees, and more! Available for a Limited Time!


Sesame: a Sesame



Liquidambar Styraciflua, or the Sweet-Gum Tree: produces a resin from the bark when it iswounded.

Sweet Gum Tree

Heirloom Sweet Gum Tree

 Dialium schlechteri, or the Sherbet Tree: produces oval fruit pods that can be eaten raw or mixed with milk to create a delicious juice.

Sherbet Tree

Heirloom Sherbet Tree

Citrus maxima, or the Pomelo Tree: produces the largest citrus fruit of any tree.

Pomelo Tree

Heirloom Pomelo Tree


The Welsh Harlequin Duck: is a delicate and beautiful breed known for its striking plumage.

Baby Welsh Harlequin Duck

Adult Welsh Harlequin Duck

Prized Welsh Harlequin Duck

The Lithuanian Native Pig: is a large furry breed with a spotted body and a wattle neck.

Baby Lithuanian Native Pig
Adult Lithuanian Native Pig

Prized Lithuanian Native Pig

The Brown Andaluz Donkey: is a large and rare breed originating from Spain.

Baby Brown Andaluz Donkey
Adult Brown Andaluz Donkey

Prized Brown Andaluz Donkey


Sesame Seed Balls: are a simple but simply delicious recipe of sesame and brown sugar!

Sesame Seed Balls

Sesame Cookies: combine fresh whole wheat batter and toasted sesame seeds for a sweet sesame snack!

Sesame Cookies

Sesame Seed Bagels: are seasoned with truffle oil and taste great with cream cheese!

Sesame Seed Bagel

Mama's Bubble Gum: contains no preservatives, only sweet gum and pure sugar!

Mama's Bubble Gum

Heirloom Mama's Bubble Gum

Sherbet Fruit Sherbet: is lemon water and sherbet fruit. It's the perfect dessert for summer!

Sherbet Fruti Sherbet

Heirloom Sherbet Fruit Sherbet

Pomelo Yogurt: combines the sweet taste of yogurt and the tartness of citrus in a creamy summer snack!

Pomelo Yogurt

Heirloom Pomelo Yogurt
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