Jam on Summer LE Items! (Coming Soon)

Jam on the hits of summer with Jostaberry Jam, Persian Lime Trees, Bradford Cows, Lime Meltaways, and more! Available for a Limited Time!


Bradford Cow: The Bradford Cow is a cross between a Hereford and Braham cow.

Child Bradford Cow
Adult Bradford Cow
Prized Bradford Cow

Chital Deer: The Chital Deer often maintain their spots into adulthood.

Child Chital Deer
Adult Chital Deer
Prized Chital Deer


Citrus latifolia, or the Persian Lime Tree: is also known as a Tahiti Lime Tree and produces limes about two and a half inches long.

Persian Lime Tree

Heirloom Persian Lime Tree

Rollinia deliciosa, or the Lemon Meringue Fruit Tree: produces a fruit the size of a cantaloupe that can be eaten fresh or used in cooking.

Lemon Meringue Fruit

Heirloom Lemon Meringue Fruit

Cornus kousa, or the Japanese Dogwood: can grow up to forty feet in height and produces white blossoms with red berries.

Japanese Dogwood
Heirloom Japanese Dogwood


Jostaberry Jam: is a bit tart, dark, and delicious!

Jostaberry Jam

Lime Meltaways: are the perfect summer snack. And contrary to their names, they don't really melt!

Lime Meltaways

Heirloom Lime Meltaways

Rollinia Ice Cream: Made from Lemon Meringue fruit and fresh ice cream, this recipe takes the edge off of summer!

Rollinia Ice Cream
Heirloom Rollinia Ice Cream

Brown Feather Boas: are all the rage this fashion season! These feathers are harvested only when the fall off the bird.

Brown Feather Boa

Brown Feather Earrings: let you accessorize on the wild side with fine beaded metal and real farm feathers!

Brown Feather Earrings

Japanese Dogwood Bookmark: A fragrant and functional bookmark woven of wool and dogwood flowers.

Japanese Dogwood Bookmark

Heirloom Japanese Dogwood Bookmark
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