Get Your All New Limited Edition Items (Market "Jam on Summer"!

The roosters are crowing, the cows are moo-ing, and we've got farm-fresh Limited Edition items just waiting for you down at the General Store! Come and get yours today!
New Crops
Jostaberry - 42 Coins

New Trees
Heirloom Japanese Dogwood Tree - 21 Farm Bucks
Persian Lime Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
Lemon Meringue Fruit Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Lemon Meringue Fruit Tree - 22 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Persian Lime Tree - 22 Farm Bucks
Japanese Dogwood Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

New Animals
Baby Black Bellied Whistling Duck - 31 Farm Bucks
Baby Bradford Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
Lavender Sablepoot Chicken - 38 Farm Bucks
Black Bellied Whistling Duck - 44 Farm Bucks
Chital Deer - 40 Farm Bucks
Bradford Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Chital Deer - 27 Farm Bucks
Baby Lavender Sablepoot Chicken - 21 Farm Bucks

New Recipes
Lime Meltaways (Persian Lime + Batter = 3870 Coins)
Japanese Dogwood Wreath (Japanese Dogwood + Wool Thread Spindle = 4090 Coins)
Rollinia Ice Cream (Ice Cream + Lemon Meringue Fruit = 3980 Coins)
Japanese Dogwood Bookmark (Wool Bolt + Japanese Dogwood = 4240 Coins)
Brown Feather Earrings (Brown Feather + Metal Sheet = 2580 Coins)
Jostaberry Jam (Jostaberry + Broth = 2670 Coins)
Brown Feather Boa (Brown Feather + Wool Thread Spindle = 2780 Coins)
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