"Black Hollyhock Ho-Down LE Items" (Coming Soon)

Get down with summer and check out a new Black Hollyhock crop, Middle White Pigs, Prickly Macadamia Trees, and more! Available for a Limited Time!


The Middle White Pig: is a solid-colored breed without 
shading or spotting. Also, it is remarkably similar to the Large White Pig... just smaller!

Baby Middle White Pig
Adult Middle White Pig
Prized Middle White Pig

The Verata Goat: Both males and females of this small short-haired breed are capable of growing beards.

Baby Verata Goat
Adult Verata Goat
Prized Verata Goat


Averrhoa bilimbi, or the Bilimbi Tree: is also called the Cucumber Tree and produces a small cucumber-like fruit that is often used in fish dishes.

Bilimbi Tree

Heirloom Bilimbi Tree

Macadamia tetraphylla, or the Prickly Macadamia Tree: produces long leaves, pink flowers, and macadamia nuts!

Prickly Macadamia Tree

Heirloom Prickly Macadamia Tree

Podocarpus henkelii, or the Henkel's Yellowwood Tree: produces long drooping leaves and fleshy seed cones that are eaten by animals.

Henkel's Yellowwood Tree

Heirloom Henkel's Yellowwood Tree


The Black Hollyhock: is a purple-black flower that can grow up to eight feet tall.

Black Hollyhock


It's a tiny Henkel'sYellowwood Tree. You'll need tiny pruning shears to make it heirloom!

Henkel’s Yellowwood Bonsai

Heirloom Henkel’s Yellowwood Bonsai

Prickly Macadamia Butter: Contrary to what the name implies, is actually very smooth.

Prickly Macadamia Butter

Heirloom Prickly Macadamia Butter

Black Hollyhock Soap: is simple lye and fresh grown black hollyhock. What an aromatic way to wash up!

Black Hollyhock Soap

Heirloom Black Hollyhock Soap

Black Hollyhock Basket: A simple basket. An elegant flower. A perfect way to decorate!

Black Hollyhock Basket

Black Hollyhock Potpourri: consists of dried black hollyhock in an elegant wrapping.

Black Hollyhock Potpourri

Lemon Bar: What do you get when you combine fresh lemons, water, whole wheat flour, and lots of love? Delicious lemon bars!

Lemon Bar

Heirloom Lemon Bar

Also called Pickled Tree Cucumber: this simple recipe consists of fresh water and fresh bilimbi fruit.

Bilimbi in Brine

Heirloom Bilimbi in Brine

Sea Bass Sculpture: A masterpiece for any sculpture collection, polished to perfection!

Sea Bass Sculpture

Heirloom Sea Bass Sculpture

The Potted Black Hollyhock: is little piece of the farm that you can take inside and place on your windowsill.

Potted Black Hollyhock

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