My Family Farm: Tip #1 (Family Jobs)

My Family Farm is just around the corner! FarmVille 2's upcoming addition expands the role of your farmer, giving you a Family that can be taught to help out around the Farm.
As we discussed before you'll all live together happily in the Family Farm House. So, even though your Farming Family will use their own resources while they're working, they'll still benefit from your help. 
We will be sharing tips like these in the weeks leading up the release of My Family Farm on 6/26. This is just the first!
Family Jobs:
Members of your Farming Family need two things in order to do the farming jobs you teach them: Meals and Energy.

Items made in the Crafting Kitchen are used to create Meals. Your sweetheart needs to eat a certain number of Meals before they can do the jobs you’ve taught them. This number is displayed in the lower-right corner of the job’s icon.

"Crop Care takes six Meals to do the job."

Jobs also require Energy. At the top of the Family Jobs menu, you will see two blue Energy Bolts. That means your sweetheart has two Energy, so they can do two farming jobs. 
Why are there little lock icons next to the blue energy bolts? Well, that's because as your sweetheart learns more and more farming jobs, they become farming experts and unlock more energy to help around the farm.

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