Goat Cheesery, Official Guide!

The Goat Cheesery is here. Help Barbara and Walter with their Wedding by crafting Artisan Goat Cheese using regular Milk and Herbs, and then churning them to collect all the Gourmet Cheeses to earn the exclusive Baby Muscovy Duck.Building the Goat Cheesery:

Your first step is collecting construction parts. You will need the following items to start building your Goat Cheesery:

  • Churning Vats
  • Goat Cheese Cloths
  • Cheese Paddles

To collect Churning Vats, click on the “Post” button to post to your Facebook wall – you will get the parts when your friends click on it, or when you click on a similar newsfeed post. 

Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for Goat Cheese Cloths and Cheese Paddles to your Neighbors. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, you can skip any of these tasks for Farm Bucks.

Using the Goat Cheesery
The Goat Cheesery requires a certain amount of Adult Goats on your farm that are not Prized to be functional. If you lack any requirements (such as not having enough Goats), the game will tell you what you are missing. When you feed your Adult Goats, they will drop Artisan Goat Cheese, which can be found in the Goat Cheesery.
Collecting Artisan Goat Cheese:
In order to get all the Gourmet Cheese, you will need to collect the Goat Artisan Cheese by feeding adult Goats. To see your Artisan Goat Cheese count, click on the Goat Cheesery to open the main menu. Your Artisan Goat Cheese total is located on the left-hand side of this screen. The number at the bottom of the Artisan Goat Cheese indicates how many you currently have in your Inventory.

Crafting Artisan Goat Cheese
: You can craft your very own Artisan Goat Cheese via the Crafting Kitchen. From the Goat Cheesery menu, click on the “Craft” button to open the Kitchen. The Ingredients for Winter Cream are as follows:

  • Artisan Goat CheeseThe required Ingredients are Milk and Herb. Note: To get Milk, feed your Adult Cows and Goats (feeding Prized Goats and Cowsdo not count). You can ask your Friends for the Herbs.

Feeding Adult Goats: You can find Artisan Goat Cheese by feeding your Adult Goats (feeding Prized Goats do not count). If you find some, they will appear on your farm in a similar fashion to Prize Goods.

When a Artisan Goat Cheese appears on your farm after harvesting, click on it and you will see the following pop-up:

Once you have collected Artisan Goat Cheese, you will be able to churn them by clicking on the blue “Churn” button from the Goat Cheesery menu.

Gourmet Cheese Ingredients
To earn the baby Muscovy Duck, you will need to collect types of the Gourmet Cheese Ingredients. To get these types of Ingredients, all you need to do is keep churning Goat Cheesery!
There are three types of Gourmet Cheese Ingredients you can receive:

  1. Bleu du Bocage
  2. Garrotxa
  3. Tomme de Chevre Aydius

If you do not want to wait to collect the Gourmet Cheese Ingredients, you can use Farm Bucks to skip these steps and get the new baby Muscovy Duck right away!

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