The Lavender Cinema Social, Quest Preview!

A famous movie actress Louise Lavender will be visiting in Farmville 2 The Lavender Cinema Social Quests and it makes Barbara super excited. Barbara will need our help to prepare Ms. Louise annual film screening for charity in this Farmville 2 Quests which is scheduled to be released on May 15. There will be some crafting part on this quests and you may find the materials that will be needed as we listed them here along with the quest information.

Reminder: Some of the information in this post may change or may subject to change prior to the release of the quests. We posted this as accurate as possible on the day this is posted. If any changes is made we will update this guide  as soon as we discover it. 

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 1:Bed, Breakfast & B-List Celebs

Quest Tasks:

  1. Harvest 6 Well
  2. Water 40 Lavander
  3. Feed 5 Adult Chicken

400 xp, 50 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 2: The Last Picture Social

Quest Tasks:

  1. Collect 5 Film Reel
  2. Feed 4 Adult Fur Animals
  3. Make 3 Wool Tea Cozy
450 xp, 100 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 3: Breakfast at Barbara’s

Quest Tasks:

  1. Gather 20 Piece of Wood
  2. Dry 20 Cattail
  3. Make 2 Origami Stars

500 xp, 150 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 4: The 3D Glass Menagerie!

Quest Tasks:

  1. Collect 5 3D Glasses
  2. Feed 4 Adult Rabbit
  3. Make 5 Stuffed Duck Toy
550 xp, 200 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 5: A Breakfast Scone Named Delicious

Quest Tasks:

  1. Gather 25 Heirloom Lemon
  2. Use Furnace 4 times
  3. Make 1 Heirloom Lemon Lavander Scones

700 xp, 250 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 6: Who’s Afraid of Louise Lavender?

Quest Tasks:

  1. Visit of your 10 neighbors' Crafting Kitchens
  2. Harvest 50 Rye
  3. Make 3 Glazed Walnut Scones
800 xp, 400 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 7: The Burchfield Sisters

Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Diamond Earring
Harvest 20 Crops on Marie's Farm
Make 5 Lavander Bouquet

1000 xp, 300 coins

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests 8: After Party Favors

Quest Tasks:

  1. Tend the Chichen Coop 4 times
  2. Feed 1 Nursery-Trained Rabbit
  3. Make 4 Loaf of Barley Bread
1200 xp, 900 coins

Quest Notes:
- Visit Marie by clicking her picture in the neighbor’s bar. Upon arriving at her farm simply click any crop in her farm.
- Visit your neighbor’s Kitchen and click on their Kitchen (Quest 6)

Materials for the crafting part of The Lavender Cinema Social Quests:
Wool Tea Cozy = Spun Yarn x6 and Fur x12 (need to craft 3)
Origami Stars = Lavender Paper x1 and Magneta Dye x2 (need to craft 2)
Stuffed Duck Toy = Wool Bolt x2 and Brown Feather x8 (need to craft 5)
Heirloom Lemon Lavender Scones = Lavender Batter x1 and Heirloom Lemon Curd x1 (need to craft 1)
Glazed Walnut Scones = Walnut Batter x1 and Sugar x3 (need to craft 3)
Lavender Bouquet = Wool Thread x2 and Lavender x6 (need to craft 5)
Loaf Barley Bread = Barley Batter x2 and Milk x1 (need to craft 4)
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