"Spring Fling" Quest Guide!

Walter needs help on this week Farmville 2 Spring Fling, the latest Farmville 2 Quests for the month of March 2014. 
He is planning to ask Barbara out on this weeks pig race and he needs some suggestion on how to approach this kind of situation. 
There will be a total of 8 stage on this mission. We will also gonna build the Starting Gate on this quest. We listed here the information you will need regarding this release which is expected to go live this Tuesday.

"Kiln Me Softly": Quest 1-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Feed 4 Adult Pig
  2. Harvest 1 Pig Pen
  3. Make 5 Pottery Slips

Crafting Pottery Slip:

"Thunder Pork": Quest 2-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Colelct 5 Pig Racing
  2. Make 4 Split Pea Soup
  3. Have 1 Completed Pig Racing Started Gate

Crafting Split Pea Soup:

Pig Racing Starting Gate Base:

Pig Racing Starting Gate Materials Needed:

Pig Racing Staring Gate Completed:

"Visualize Whirled Peas": Quest 3-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Harvest 20 Green Peas
  2. Make 5 Springtime Pea Salads
  3. Make 4 Cheese Quiche

Crafting Springtime Pea Salad:

Crafting Cheese Quiche:

"Gifts from the Heart": Quest 4-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend Pig Pen 2 times
  2. Make 3 Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers
  3. Make 1 Piggy Cookie Jar

Crafting Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers:

Crafting Piggy Cookie Jar:

"Setting the Mood": Quest 5-8

Quest Tasks:  
  1. Collect 5 Pig Gamboling SFX Records
  2. Make 2 Key Chains
  3. Make 4 Cow Creamers

Crafting Key Chain:

Crafting Cow Creamer:

"Hot Date": Quest 6-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Receive 20 Pieces of Wood
  2. Make 3 Hand Mirrors
  3. Make 2 Green Peacots

Getting Woods:

Crafting Hand Mirror:

Crafting Green Peacoat:

"The Truffle Kerfuffle": Quest 7-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Checkered Racing Flags
  2. Make 4 Truffle Oils
  3. Make 4 Rustic Truffle Oil Bread

Crafting Truffle Oil:

Crafting Rustic Truffle Oil Bread:

"Walter's Masterpiece": Quest 8-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Make 5 Leather Jewerly Boxes
  2. Make 3 "Peace in a Pod" Necklace
  3. Have 1 Hungarian Grey Cow by completing the Pig Race

Crafting Leather Jewerly Box:

Crafting "Peas in a Pod" Necklace:

The Pig Racing:

You will receive the Baby Hungarian Grey Cow after completing 5 Races!

Happy Farm!
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