Crush in the Brush, Quest Preview!

Marie is impress with Gus effort in Farmville 2 Crush in the Brush Quests. She is asking us a favor if we could help her make excuses so that she could see Gus. And we will help her in this Farmville 2 Quests which is set to be released this Tuesday, April 1. There will be 8 stage to complete and it will also include building the Rabbit Rescue Station. We listed on this post the information you will need regarding this release.

Rabbit Rescue Station Build Information:

pre-relesse Info subject to change.

Quest 1: Animal Lovers

  • Harvest 15 Corn
  • Harvest 2 Wells
  • Perform 2 actions on neighbor’s farms 

Quest 2: These Boots are made for Gawking

  • Collect 5 Bolt Cutters
  • Receive 15 Fur
  • Make 2 Rubber Boots

Quest 3: Bubbles On The Double

  • Receive 10 Pieces of Wood
  • Feed 5 Adult Goats
  • Make 1 Plain Soap

Quest 4: Fire and Belly

  • Collect 5 Firewood
  • Harvest Your Furnace 2 times
  • Make 3 Pecan Muffins

Quest 5: Real Men Eat Quiche

  • Tend the Chicken Coop @ times
  • Harvest 4 Orange Trees
  • Make 2 Crustless Egg White Quiche

Quest 6: Throwing in the Towel

  • Speed Feed 2 Adult Horses
  • Make 2 Vintage Umbrella’s 
  • Make 2 Drying Towels

Quest7: A Little Book by the Brook

  • Collect 5 Safari Hats
  • Speed Feed 5 Adult Chickens
  • Make 3 Leather Journals

Quest 8: The Rope Joke Trope

  • Harvest 18 Sunflowers
  • Tend the Spinning Wheel 2 times
  • Make 3 Soft Ropes
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