Big Harvest Sneak Peek - The Order Board!

Big Harvest introduces an exciting new game mechanic: Favors. In previous posts, we've mentioned that you earn Favors by helping the local Townsfolk, but we know many of you have been itching for more information. Today, we are excited to answer some of your questions with a sneak peek at one of the great new features you can expect to see when Big Harvest releases on 3/28...The Order Board!

Cornelius has decided that he wants to start a new business that will supply accomplished farmers with the upgrades they need to take their farms to the next level. That means it's time to do away with the Village Grocer sign and replace it with the new and improved Order Board (and Market Stand)! The Order Board will connect farmers directly with the Townsfolk, allowing you to fulfill their requests which will earn you Coins and Favors. Trade these Favors into Cornelius to unlock exciting new upgrades for your Farm. 
We had another opportunity to sit down with Alex, Big Harvest's Senior Producer, to discuss the creative process behind The Order Board. 

The Creation of The Order Board

"We went through many, many concept iterations for the new Order Board and Market Stand before we arrived at our final version. We actually started with the idea of not changing the original Market Stand and instead adding a separate object that would host the new Order Board, but we soon realized that they should be joined together. Conceptually they were just too similar and we loved the idea of upgrading the look of the Market Stand for everyone."

Below are some early Order Board explorations. Concept images like this are an important part of the creative process, as they help the team identify what direction they want to take a feature. 
Concept 1
"Our next challenge was to figure out how to incorporate the Order Board into a new and improved Market Stand. We also needed to address how to communicate progress on the new Stand. We really wanted to make it so the player would not have to open up the Order Board menu to see their progress for the week, but instead could just glace at their Market Stand to get a sense of where they were at. We explored different ideas around meters, flags, and scales before we arrived at the chalk board."

Some early ideations of the new Order Board and Market Stand.

"Finally, we wanted to make a special edition version of the new Market Stand that is only available to players who unlock Early Access to Big Harvest. Luckily, we already explored the idea of adding stained glass to the farm, so we incorporated that look to the new Stand."

The Special Edition Market Stand (only available if you unlock Early Access on 3/21)
Concept 3

What do you think of the new Order Board? Are you excited for the release of Big Harvest? How do you feel about the new Market Stand? Leave us a comment with your feedback and you'll be automatically entered into the running to win a FREE Hampshire Pig on 3/17!

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  2. There should be a Warning with the popup to Start the Big Harvest Expansion. "We actually started with the idea of not changing the original Market Stand and instead adding a separate object that would host the new Order Board" They should have kept it separate, because now I cannot go back and complete the rewards to get the Mosaic Fountain. >:(