Speed Boosts!

Farm faster with Speed Boosts! Choose from three different options, 24-Hours, 3-Days, and 7-Days, which all help your Avatar farm 3X faster while the Boost is active! 

If you are level 7 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Try Speed Boost” button to get your first Boost for free.


You can purchase a 1 Day, 3 Days, or 7 Days option and while active, your avatar will move at 3X the normal speed. All three Boosts are available in the General Store for Farm Bucks. Note: Your first Speed Boost is free.

  Speed Boosts - FarmVille 2
Using the Speed Boosts: 
After a Speed Boost has been purchased, a small running farmer icon above your Neighbor Bar will indicate the Bonus is active. Hover over this icon if you would like to see how much time you have remaining until it expires (see image below):

Speed Boost - FarmVille 2

Additional Information:
  • You can purchase as many Speed Boosts as you wish, but you are limited to one active Boost at any given time.
  • You are unable to cancel a Speed Boost once it has been activated.

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