Learn How To Get This Girgentana Goat!

New christmas never cease to fill us with pleasure!
We summarize a few things that we discovered in the files that put water in the mouth! Before you can enjoy!

Here are the first 2 steps to start the mission:
  •  Place the Fluff Stand
  • Completes the construction of your Fluff Stand
Thereafter here are some phrase keys that allow you to imagine the result of this event. In summary, we can accumulate teddy bear tickets to exchange with green nodes, the ultimate goal is to accumulate gifts to exchange with the Girgentana Goat:
  • Making teddy bears
  • To make teddy bear, you need wool. Purchase other wool-producing animals to meet demand.
  • Manufactures teddy bear to win tickets and find green nodes.
  • You need friends to share teddy bear.
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