Learn how to get this FREE gray cow Tyrol!

The mission of next week will be devoted to the celebration of the ice! You need to build a trolley and collect  festival tickets for exchange against many gifts. The cow will get the final reward!
Here is the complete details of tasks:
Snow Cake 1 of 8 - Wind fresh
The festival of ice approaching. If you need me, you know where to find me.
  • Harvest 25 wheat to use in the kitchen
  • Prepare 3 pie crusts to enjoy with ice cream
  • Feed 2 goats for maximum milk
Snow Cake 2 of 8 - A good start
To find and prepare new frozen desserts!
  • Gets 5 aprons Ice cream to treat the presentation
  • Harvest 25 ripe 
  • Prepare 2 sundae berries to delight your friends
Snow Cake 3 of 8 - It sticks to your fingers
The ice melted, it flows everywhere, so watch the spots!
  • Feed 3 cows always get more milk
  • Harvest 4 olives
  • Factory 3 towels to clean stains melted ice
Snow Cake 4 of 8 - Spoilt for choice
You remember what I told you about pies and ice cream? This could not be truer.
  • Gets 5 paper hats to dress up in ice cream shop
  • Feed 2 Hens to get fresh eggs
  • Prepare 3 pies of your choice
Frozen Fun 5 of 8 - This is daily sundae
We need additional ingredients for a really special dessert.
  • Harvest 10 strawberries
  • Prepare 2 sundae berries to impress your friends
  • Has a cone ice ball to decorate your ice party
Snow Cake 6 of 8 - cool head
We need a bell to warn everyone that this is the time of the high mass of the sundae.
  • Feed 6 rabbits to retrieve wool
  • Feed 4 horses for horseshoes
  • Factory 2 bells to warn everyone that the ice is here
Icy pleasures 7 of 8 - The dessert of the Abominable Snowman
For the Feast of the ice, our banana splits must be achieved to perfection. To work!
  • Gets 5 pastel towels for your guests
  • Crop 4 banana to get ripe bananas
  • Prepare 2 banana splits for the delight of your guests
Snow Cake 8 of 8 - Fresh sweet
I will read all my recipes to make sure nothing is missing.
  • Prepare 3 sundae berries to show me how
  • Prepare 3 chocolate sundae for me admire your impeccable technique
  • Has a flower box to decorate your farm
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