Spring Showers!

Spring is well and truly here and the weather forecast is calling for rain! Farmers are advised to take advantage of the change in weather by preparing their fields, which are sure to flourish from the downpour. In addition to your free water and more bountiful harvests, your Limited Edition Animals will also produce more during this time, so let’s get started with our preparations!

If you are level 9 or higher, you will see the following pop-up upon entering FarmVille 2. Clicking on “Earn Water” will close the menu and you will see a newspaper boy cycling past your Farm.

He is here to deliver you the Newspaper, which is filled with all kinds of valuable information about how you can prepare for the coming rain.

Spring Showers - FarmVille 2

Click on the Newspaper to open it up and you will see what tasks you have to complete to get ready.

Spring Showers - FarmVille 2

This menu also explains in a bit more detail what some of the benefits are of this feature. If you complete the Spring Showers tasks (see below section for more detail), not only will you earn 30 free water, but any Limited Edition Crops, Trees or Animals on your farm will have a higher output than normal.

Spring Showers Tasks:
To prepare, you will need to feed some of your Adult Goats (they get very frightened by storms, but a full belly will help keep them calm), collect Copper Rain Buckets and Plush Blue Towels.
To collect Rain Buckets, click on the blue “post” button to post a feed to your wall that your friends can click on to fulfill your request. To collect Plush Towels, click on the “ask friends” button, which will open up a menu that will allow you to send requests to individual friends for assistance.
And finally, you will need to feed your goats. If you do not have any goats, they can be purchased from the General Store for Coins or Farm Bucks.  
If you do not wish to wait for your friends, you can skip any of these tasks for Farm Bucks.
Note: You can send a request for items to your Friends every 18 hours.

Once you have completed all three tasks, it’s going to start raining on your farm! Any seeded crops (up to 30) will be automatically watered for you, so make sure to plan accordingly.

Spring Showers - FarmVille 2

Note: Trees will not be automatically watered.
If you activate your rain and you have no crops that need watering, the extra drops will be added to your HUD, so nothing is lost.

Spring Showers - FarmVille 2

After the rain has subsided, make sure to refresh your game for a surprise! Springtime in FarmVille 2 means more than just watered crops; your Farm has come to life with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and Rainbows!

Spring Showers - FarmVille 2
Spring Showers - FarmVille 2

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, including springtime. Mouse-over the Newspaper to view the countdown timer that indicates how long you have until spring is over. Be sure to take advantage of the rainy season by planting Limited Edition Crops and stocking up on LE Animals, as they will give you more resources than normal on a springtime farm.

Once your timer has been depleted, you will be able to complete a new set of tasks to bring the rain back to your Farm.

Additional Information:
  • The Spring Showers feature will be available for 6 weeks.
  • If you do not wish to participate, simply ignore the newspaper on your farm and it will disappear when the event is over.

We hope you all enjoy watching the rain fall and getting even more resources from your Limited Edition Crops, Trees and Animals. 

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