Discover how to get Rabbit's Tunnels!

Very soon, in addition to the agricultural show coming up in FarmVille 2, a new set of tasks associated with the rabbit burrow will appear.
Here's to you and previews, the first to know details. This will help you complete more quickly these new missions that will allow us to win rabbit tunnels to store more rabbitaward-winning!

  1. Has a rabbit in your farm to help me find the thief with big ears
  2. Gets 5 playing cards 
  3. Finish building the rabbit to attract maximum
  1. Retrieves playing cards
  2. Sprinkler 5 trees to seek the rabbit thief without arousing suspicion
  3. Factory 3 lucky glass to put all the chances on my side
  1. Finished building one rabbit to attract maximum
  2. Feed 5 rabbits  to attract the thief bag
  3. Factory 3 Zig carpet with wool
  1. Prepare some tea to help me 
  2. Plant 20 indigo as Alice's mother loves these beautiful blue flowers
  3. Prepare two bouquets of indigo for Alice's mother
  1. Feed two horses in a remote location
  2. Harvest three groves of trees to hide our approach
  3. Factory 2 small mirror to get the rabbit without seeming
  1. Uses 3 times your wheel to show the little thief we love rabbit wool
  2. Has 2 rabbit's tunnels to shelter the thief book
  3. Factory 2 bear plush  to produce rabbits red plush 
  1. Get 5 pocket watches 
  2. Harvest 3 orange  while opening the eye
  3. Prepare 5 cupcakes with orange to the rabbit out
  1. Take care when one of your rabbit to get the thief and get my book
  2. Harvest 15 plots of blueberries to distract hungry rabbits
  3. Prepare three blueberry tarts to attract all the rabbits around

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