New French Country Items!

Greetings, Farmers! New 'French Country' items are now available in the General Store for a limited time! Percheron horses are renowned for their intelligence and willingness to work, so this particular equine is handy to have around the farm. Check out the information below for more details about our latest release and be sure to let us know what your favorite new addition is!

New Limited items:

French Farmhouse – 45 Farm Bucks
Goddess of Abundance - 14 Farm Bucks
Shaded Chaise Lounge – 10 Farm Bucks
Brick De Riguer – 3 Farm Bucks
French Farm Table – 2,200 Farm Coins

New Limited Edition Trees:

Umbrella Pine – 12 Farm Bucks
Black Cherry Tree – 14 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:

Hampshire Pig – 44 (27 Baby) Farm Bucks
Percheron Horse – 43 (30 Baby) Farm Bucks
French Simmental Cow – 43 (30 Baby) Farm Bucks
Hereford Pig – 41 (28 Baby) Farm Bucks
Faverolles Chicken – 36 (19 Baby) Farm Bucks
Red Ardennes Turkey – 33 (20 Baby) Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops (Level 7):

Rapaseed – matures in 7 hours

New Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

Rapaseed Oil
Cake Flour
Crepe Cake
Black Cherry Savarin Cake
Black Cherry Clafoutis Pie
Pignon Croissant

New Crafting Workshop Recipes:

Feather Duster
Rooster Weathervane
Glass Votive Candle

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