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Hey Farmers,
Do you need more Fertilizer? If so, the new Fertilizer Bin is for you! Feed your animals to fill the Bin and then harvest it to earn free Fertilizer for your crops. If that wasn't enough, you also have a chance of earning Speed-Grow when you collect from your Fertilizer Bin, so head on over to FarmVille 2 and start building today!
If you are level 8 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on “Place Fertilizer Bin” to get started.

Building the Fertilizer Bin

Your first step is collecting construction parts. You will need the following items to start building your Fertilizer Bin:
  • Green Paint
  • Grass Clippings
  • Wood Plank
For the Green Paint, click on the “Post” button to post to your Facebook wall – you will get the parts when your friends click on it, or when you click on a similar newsfeed post.
To collect Grass Clippings and Wood Planks, click on the “Ask” button to send requests for the items to your Neighbors.
You can also purchase any of these items above for Farm Bucks if you do not wish to wait for your friends to respond to your requests or newsfeed posts.

Fertilizer Bin - FarmVille 2

Note: You can post a request for Green Paint to your newsfeed every 16 hours and send requests for Grass Clippings and Wood Planks to your Friends every 18 hours.

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building!” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. 

Fertilizer Bin - FarmVille 2

Now that the Fertilizer Bin is almost complete, you will need a little help from your Neighbors to finish the job. The Fertilizer Bin requires 4 additional mechanics, so click on the “Ask Friends” button to send some crew requests to your Friends. When they accept, you will see the spots in the Build Menu begin to fill. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, click the “Hire One” button to purchase crew members with Farm Bucks.
Once you have successfully filled all 4 spots, click on the “Finish & Share” button.

  Fertilizer Bin - FarmVille 2

Using the Fertilizer Bin
You must have at least one Adult Animal on your farm that is not Prized for the Bin to be functional. When you feed your Animals, they will fill your Fertilizer Bin Meter with compost, which is a new type of material that can only be used with this feature.
Collected compost will be automatically added to your Fertilizer Bin Meter. Once your Meter is full, you can harvest the Bin with a Fertilizer Rake (see below) for extra Fertilizer.
To see your Meter, click on the Fertilizer Bin to open the main menu. Your Meter is located on the left-hand side of this screen. The number at the bottom of the Meter indicates how much compost you need to collect and your current progress towards this goal.

Fertilizer Bin - FarmVille 2

Additionally, you can also see your progress by hovering your mouse over the Bin to display the green progress bar.

Fertilizer Bin - FarmVille 2

Fertilizer Rakes & Harvesting your Bin
Once you have collected the necessary amount of compost, you will need one Fertilizer Rake to harvest your bin. You can craft your Rake in the Workshop with two Pieces of Wood. Click on the turquoise “Craft” button to head on into the Crafting Workshop.

Fertilizer bin - FarmVille 2

Once you are inside the Crafting Workshop, you will need two “Piece of Wood” to craft the Rake.

Fertilizer bin - FarmVille 2

Note: If you do not want to craft a Fertilizer Rake, you can use Farm Bucks to skip these steps and get it right away.

A cute butterfly flying over the Bin will indicate it is full. Once you have crafted your Fertilizer Rake, harvest your Bin by clicking on it. When you harvest your Bin, you will always produce extra Fertilizer, which can be used on Crops & Trees.

Fertilizer bin - FarmVille 2

Note: Any extra Fertilizer you produce will be automatically added to the Fertilizer total at the top of the game screen.

Fertilizer bin - FarmVille 2

In addition to Fertilizer, you have a chance of earning Speed-Grow when you harvest your Bin!

Additional Information:
  • Minimum of one Adult Animal (non-Prized) on any given farm is required to use the Fertilizer Bin.
  • Rotate the Bin to view a different angle!
  • If you do not wish to use the Fertilizer Bin feature, it can be sold (frame only) or stored in your Inventory.
  • If you want to see how much compost is needed to harvest, hover your cursor over the Bin.
  • Limited to one Fertilizer Bin per farm.
  • You can only have a total of 5 Fertilizer Rakes in your Inventory at one time. Note: You can purchase additional Rakes (more than 5) with Farm Bucks.

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