Learn How to Make Decorations with Roses!

FarmVille 2: Learn how to make decorations with roses for your farm to decorate it with the letters. 

As we discusses yesterday a new Florist Table  has arrive and now your friends will send you gifts via florist table like Feast Table on thanksgiving.
Below, we are sharing all details about the gaming FarmVille 2 missions to learn how to decorate with roses.

Late hatching

  1. Place 1 florist table in your farm to Help Walter
  2. Performed 5 actions on the farm of Walter to see what their problems
  3. Harvest 15 plots of Blueberry  to show the correct method to Walter

Flowers language

  1. Recovers 5 pairs of scissors to pick flowers for beautiful specimens
  2. Harvest 20 plots of dark thoughts to see if they like Barbara
  3. Prepare 3 dark bunches 

Orange, O despair

  1. Harvest 3 orange to begin
  2. Take care of 5 adult goats for milk because it takes with cupcakes
  3. Prepare 2 orange cupcakes for Barbara

Fresh attraction

  1. Recovers 5 baskets of flowers for an aesthetic effect
  2. Harvest 3 lemons for lemon acid
  3. Prepare 4 pitchers of lemonade for tourists visiting

A small glass

  1. Ends the florist table in your farm
  2. Harvest 20 plots of strawberries to give this lemonade punch
  3. Prepare 5 strawberry lemonades for Barbara

Color, that’s life

  1. Harvest 15 plots of blueberry to win a special award
  2. Take care of 4 adult rabbits
  3. Factory 4 blue handkerchiefs for Walter

Sign of affection

  1. Recovers 5 card holder to offer a bouquet Barbara
  2. Interviews 2 times the shack chickens for eggs
  3. Harvest 20 sunflowers to make a bouquet

A perfect union

  1. Take care of 5 adult goats for milk
  2. Look after winning 8 hens
  3. Prepare 3 tarts with goat cheese for Walter and Barbara

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