Learn how to get this FREE Loaghtan sheep!

 As we have just explained  we will very soon new missions need to build a wheel. 

The sheep will be the final reward of these new missions  but you will also have many decorations  for your farm! 

Once you have collected enough rare coils you win the sheep! Other balls of wool will not be lost because with them you can make many new items. :)

Industry woolly 1 of 8

  • Feed your adult rabbits for wool production start
  • Feed your adult sheep wool for more
  • Harvest black tea plots because they will disappear quickly
  • Industry woolly 2 of 8
    • Retrieves rabbit brush to comb your rabbits well
    • Harvest Blueberry plots to get quality food for your pets
    • Factory 2 blue handkerchiefs with remaining blueberries to earn some money
    Industry woolly 3 of 8
    • Finished making your wheel to launch your industry
    • Feed your adult rabbits to store wool
    • Feed your adult sheep and gets their wool 
    Industry woolly 4 of 8
    • Retrieves scissors for shearing sheep for wool faster
    • Used several times your wheel
    • Water your trees to impart a green aspect to your farm
    Industry woolly 5 of 8
    • Harvest plots of black tea for tea
    • Feed Your adults sheep to produce a silky wool
    • Prepare Turkish tea cups you clarify ideas
    Industry woolly 6 of 8
    • Fertilized plots of strawberries, I have an idea behind the head
    • Roll 1 woven of red wool to amass a small fortune
    Industry woolly 7 of 8
    • Retrieves alfalfa to please your favorite wool producers
    • Use the wheel to rotate the wheel
    • Roll 1 woven of wool orange color for your farm
    Industry woolly 8 of 8
    • Feed your adult rabbits and enjoy it for brushing
    • Feed your sheep to care for mowing
    • Prepares flowers in orange wool for wool fans
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