Build Fertilizer Tank!

FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Tank has arrived now you can build it and you will be able to make and store fertilizer there to get the double output from your crops.
As we have just explained to you very soon we are going to build a fertilizer tank that we will never miss fertilizer can fertilize our crops and have every time you reap the vessel a chance to get 1 + rapid Grow Obviously this new build comes with a series of 8 new missions we will give you full details.

Success fertile 1 of 8 – A dirty secret
I discovered a secret any beast animals produce fertilizer. Fantastic!
  • Place a fertilizer tank to recover this valuable resource
  • Tomato crop plots to return land
  • Draws water in your well water for your crops
Success fertile 2 of 8 – In the tank up to the neck
Despite the smell, I know you do not rechigneras task.
  • Retrieves pairs of gloves for the compost to avoid get dirty
  • Harvesting trees for wood
  • Factory rake fertilizer use your fertilizer tank
Success fertile 3 of 8 – Ready to collection
Use this fertilizer tank and double your production.
  • Completes the fertilizer tank
  • Feed your adult hens to begin filling the tank fertilizer
  • Uses the tank when it is full fertilizer
Success fertile 4 of 8 – The right tools
You’ll have to use special tools for fertilizer. Especially, clean them after each use.
  • Retrieves shovels compost for fertilizer
  • Feed your adult goats to fill your tank with fertilizer
  • Manufactures rakes fertilizer for fertilizer tank
Success fertile 5 of 8 – favorite beans
These beans will not stay here long, but fertilizer can double the production of each crop.
  • Fertilize 20 plots of beans to understand my advice
  • Harvest 20 plots of beans to get double resources
  • Prepares sauces appetizer bean
Success fertile 6 of 8 – On the application!
Do not release the pressure. The fertilizer requires compliance cycle. Feed your animals and their excrement recovers .
  • Own wood to make the rakes
  • Manufactures fertilizer rakes for spreading best
  • Uses the fertilizer tank and gets great rewards fragrant
Success fertile 7 of 8 – It’s your choice
The fertilizer suitable for all crops. If only we could double production animals easily.
  • Retrieves compost buckets for all the fertilizer
  • Fertilizes the crops of your choice
  • Feed your adult hens to fill your tank with fertilizer
Success fertile 8 of 8 – Again!
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