New Character Hud and Missions!

FarmVille 2: New Character has been arrive and discover his new 8 missions. You will complete mission after getting new character in the Farm and you will find the exclusive rewards. On the occasion of the release of this new animal, a new character will make an appearance! It is called Hud and should keep us company for the next coming week.


  • Place a perch if you want the peacock is in your farm
  • Harvest kale for exotic birds may like exotic food
  • Doses prepares food for animals not the peacock is concerned

Painting on farm

  • Gets pots of silver paint to repaint your farm
  • 5 chickens fed adults because they too are beautiful
  • Take care of the chicken shack for the well-being of its inhabitants

A break is needed

  • Take care of both the furnace so that the peacock is warm
  • Harvest citrus for us to make lemonade
  • Prepare pitchers of lemonade to drink while talking

In table

  • Harvesting onions for a delicious savory broth
  • Harvest juicy tomatoes to make soup
  • Prepares hot gazpacho for lunch

Blue as a peacock

  • Gets pots of blue paint to please the peacock
  • Draws water from wells for all birds love water
  • 30 sprinkles kale for the development of your farm


  • Harvest 20 plots of wheat because it will take at least
  • Prepare 25 doses of animal food to please your cattle
  • Fed 2 times the adult peacock to reassure

The color of the effort

  • Gets pots of green paint to seduce the temperamental bird
  • R√©coltedes apple because I love apples
  • Manufacture rolls of blue wool for decoration


  • Take care of both your furnace to produce heat
  • Using both your neighbors to see if they have a peacock too
  • Manufactures magic pen with your new source of feathers

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