Discover Dairy Missions to Get rewards!

Discover the 8 new missions Dairy Delights!  yes and the dairy and cow highlands be unlock able during these 8 steps! We have all the details at the moment but it is possible that the amounts of each mission are changed at the last moment, but what is certain is that you can begin to grow peanuts. There will be quite a deal to conclude with cornelius so do not wait!You can also recruit your five labourers because you’ll need it.

Working for peanuts

  1. Place the milk in your farm
  2. 20 doses produces food for improving your dairy
  3. Harvest 12 plots of peanuts for your pets

  1. Recovers 5 pairs of gloves deals with your friends
  2. 6 goats fed stock to fill your milk
  3. 20 plots of wheat harvest to make reservations
With fingers

  1. Take care of your cabin 2 times in chickens for eggs
  2. Harvest 15 plots juicy pumpkins
  3. Prepare four pumpkin pies to satisfy the munchies Cornelius
Cookies to Cornelius

  1. Recovers 5 yogurt cultures to ensure fermentation
  2. Harvest 20 plots to prepare peanut cookies
  3. Preparing two peanut butter cookies
Desserts sunny

  1. 5 times the orange harvest for ingredients sunny
  2. Prepare three pats of butter
  3. Prepares 6 cupcakes with orange for groceries Cornelius
Pleasure dairy

  1. Ends the dairy
  2. 5 times draws water from your well to quench your thirst
  3. Fed 10 adult cows to feed your dairy
Stir before serving

  1. Take care of your dairy 2 times to supply your stock
  2. Fed 6 times adult goats for milk
  3. Uses 5 times farm workers in your firm
Hard work

  1. Get 10 gourmet yogurt in your dairy
  2. Ready (yet) 5 peanut butter cookies
  3. 5 Prepare strawberry yogurt to impress everyone
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