New Crafting Workshop

New Crafting Workshop

Hey, Farmers!

Introducing the Crafting Workshop! Use new Ingredients to craft items that can be sold for a profit, or used to decorate your farm! Upon entering FarmVille 2, you will see the following pop up. Click on “Place Crafting Workshop” to get started. 
Building the Crafting Workshop

Your first step is collecting construction parts. You will need the following items to start building your Crafting Workshop:
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Drafting Paper
  • Wood Plank
Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for the items to your Neighbors. You can also purchase Pressure Gauge, Drafting Paper and Wood Plank for Farm Bucks if you do not wish to wait for your friends to respond to your requests. 
 Crafting Workshop - Start Building Menu

Note: You can send a request for materials to your Friends every 18 hours.

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building!” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. 

Crafting Workshop - Start Building
Now that the Crafting Workshop is almost completed, you will need some help from your Neighbors to finish the job. The Crafting Workshop requires 4 additional mechanics, so click on the “Ask Friends” button to send some crew requests to your Friends. When they accept, you will see the spots in the Build Menu begin to fill. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, click the “Hire One” button to purchase crew members with Farm Bucks. Once you have successfully filled all 4 spots, click on the “Finish & Share” button.

Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
Inside the Crafting Workshop
Once you have finished building your Crafting Workshop, you can begin crafting items, which will earn you Coins and XP. In addition to this, some of the Recipes you craft can be used to decorate your farm. After you open the Crafting Workshop, you will see which items you are able to craft. The items available to you depend on a couple of things:
  • What level you are: Recipes in the Crafting Workshop have level requirements. This means you have to keep leveling up to unlock new Crafting items. The more advanced you are in the game, the more complicated your Recipes will be — but they will sell for more coins, too!
  • What Ingredients you have available: As you harvest Crops and collect from your Animals, you can use these items to craft items.
There are three different stations inside the Workshop for three different types of Recipes you can Craft:
  • Workbench: Wood Recipes
  • Loom: Wool Recipes
  • Blacksmith: Metal Recipes
Note: Rotate the Workshop to view a different station!
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
Crafting Workshop Recipes require new Resources and Ingredients. Here’s what they are and how to get them:
Ingredients: Raw ingredients come from your farm or Neighbors. Get them by harvesting Crops and Trees, feeding your Animals and visiting your Neighbors. Some Ingredients can only be obtained from your friends, so be sure to ask nicely!
  • Crops: Produce Ingredients like Blueberries, Strawberries, etc.
  • Trees: Produce tree fruit like Olives, etc.
  • Animals: Produce Ingredients like Fine Saddles, Horseshoes and Wool after you feed them.
  • Glass: This is an Ingredient you will need to get from your Neighbors.
Are you in a hurry to craft, but don’t have the Ingredients you need? You can purchase Ingredients with Farm Bucks from the Recipe Card (see below).
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
Note: You can see which Recipe(s) a crop, tree, or animal product goes into when you mouse over its icon in the general store:
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
Crafted Goods: These are Recipes that you make in your Crafting Workshop from raw Ingredients. Use them to complete Final Recipes (see description below), which can then be sold in your Market Stand. Completed Crafted Goods, such as Blueberry Dye, Blue Fabric, and Wool Thread, cannot be sold.
Finished Products (Final Recipes): These are Recipes that you can sell for coins in your Market Stand. These Recipes require Crafted Goods to complete. They are marked with a star symbol.
Finished Products (Decorations): These are Recipes that you can place on your farm as decorations and stored in your Inventory. These Recipes require Crafted Goods to complete. They are marked with an Inventory symbol.

The Crafting Workshop Menu displays all of the Recipes you currently have available. To access this menu, simply click on the Workshop. 
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
The Recipe thumbnails have symbols on them to indicate different things:

These are Recipes that you can sell for coins in your Market Stand. These Recipes require Crafted Goods to complete.
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
This symbol is used to indicate a Recipe that can be placed on your farm as decorations and also be stored in your Inventory.
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2


This symbol is used to indicate a Recipe that has a Level Requirement higher than your current level. To find out which level you need to be on to unlock a certain recipe, simply hover over the Recipe Card. 
Crafting Workshop - Padlock - FarmVille 2

Recipe Card Organization:
Recipe card thumbnails are arranged in a column. These columns are referred to as Recipe Chains. Recipe Chains are designed to show you the natural progression of a Final Recipe, so you are able to create the Finished Product easier. For example:
Leather: Requires Fine Saddles to complete
Leather Pouch: Requires 1 Fine Saddle and 2 Wool Threads to complete
Leather Coinpurse: Requires 1 Leather Pouch and 1 Metal Sheet to complete
The Leather Coinpurse is the Final Recipe in this Chain. It requires the first two Crafted Goods (Leather Pouch + Metal Sheet) in this Chain to complete.
Crafting Workshop - Leather Coin Purse - FarmVille 2
Note: Clicking the green “Go Home” button in the corner of a recipe card will take you back to the Recipe thumbnail screen in your Workshop.
Some Recipes require a Crafted Goods instead of Ingredients. If you come across a Recipe like this, you may feel a bit confused. But no need to worry, making the required Crafted Good is simple! Just click on the “Craft” button located under the Good you need to make. This will open up the applicable Recipe Card. 
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
Once you have all the ingredients that you need to finish your Recipe, click the “Make 1” button on the Recipe Card. It should turn green to let you know that you’re ready to go.

After you click “Make It,” your recipe should craft instantly. Once it’s made, it will pop out of the station and dance merrily around your Workshop before placing itself into your inventory. Don’t worry if you don’t mouse over it fast enough to scoop it up—it will go there automatically!

Powering Your Workshop
Creating all of those great products isn’t easy. To stay in business, the Crafting Workshop requires Power (Crafting Energy). Every time you use your Workshop to make a Recipe, it will deduct from your power reserves. The amount of power you have left can be found at the bottom of the Crafting Menu.
Note: Both the Crafting Workshop and the Crafting Kitchen use Power.
Out of power? There are a few different ways to get more:
  • Harvest your Furnace. 
  • Purchase Power Packs for Farm Bucks
  • Give it some time— Power for your Crafting Workshop gradually replenishes itself after 1 hour.
  • Ask your friends to send you Power (see below).
Crafting Workshop - FarmVille 2
You can decorate your farm with Finished Products, such as Fences. If you would like to place a crafted item on your farm, open your Inventory and select the “ENTER” tab to find your items. Not ready to decorate? No problem, simply keep it in your Inventory until you want to use it.
Earning Coins!
Once you’re finished Crafting, it’s time to earn some money! Your Finished Products can be sold in your Market Stand for Coin. The more difficult the Recipe, the higher the Coin yield will be. As a reminder, you won’t be able to sell Crafted Goods in the Market. Only Ingredients and Finished Products can be sold.
Additional Information:
  • The Crafting Workshop shares Crafting Power resources with the Crafting Kitchen.       
    • Note: You can also harvest the Furnace for more Crafting Power.
    • Once completed, you can do the following with the Crafting Workshop:
      • Store in Inventory
      • Rotate (two angles)
      • Limited to one Crafting Workshop per farm.
We hope you enjoy our latest release and we are interested in hearing your feedback! Please comment below this guide if you have any thoughts or opinions you would like to share about this feature!
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