Learn how to Get this Reindeer Permanently in your Farm

Farmville 2: Try to convince this beautiful reindeer remain living in your farm to get it permanently! And yes we will soon be able to still get a new pet FREE. This little reindeer is the final reward of a new series of 8 new missions where you have to convince him to stay and live on your farm.

So you can at the end of these missions get this reindeer but you can also get a very nice planter:

A history of reindeer 1 of 8 – Reindeer for:
This is too cute reindeer must convince him to stay. Yes but, how?
  • Place a basket of goodies to attract reindeer
  • Harvest plots rutabagas for the reindeer can nibble
  • One prepares soup to warm you rutabagas

A history of reindeer 2 of 8 – Reindeer Games:
It seems that the reindeer are great players. Luckily, I know plenty of games
  • Retrieves dice to play with the reindeer
  • Draws water in the wells before the arrival of cold
  • Doses prepares food for your starving animals

A history of reindeer 3 of 8 – Under the snow
The reindeer will certainly feel more comfortable if we create a winter atmosphere.
  • Prepares bags of flour to make fake snow
  • Take care of adult rabbits for wool
  • Take care of your shack hens for egg white as snow

A history of reindeer 4 of 8 – My beloved reindeer:
Your animals are always treated well, but this time it is necessary to impress the package for the reindeer.
  • Feed your adult goats until rush of joy
  • Feed your adult rabbits they jump for joy
  • Fed one adult sheep until he bleats of happiness

A history of reindeer 5 of 8 – My little candy:
Horses like sugar, so why not deer?
  • Retrieves lollipops with your friends
  • Doses prepares food for your animals refrigerated
  • Prepares clods of good butter, rich and creamy

A history of reindeer 6 of 8 – Problem rutabaga:
When I was a child, my mother made soup of turnips in winter to keep warm.
  • Feeds for your furnace roaring
  • Harvest plots rutabagas for a delicious meal
  • Prepares soups rutabagas as the good old days

A history of reindeer 7 of 8 – Lichen, a delicacy:
You knew all the reindeer have antlers, males and females? This book is really great.
  • Retrieves reindeer moss
  • Completes the basket of goodies to please the reindeer
  • Blueberry crop plots in case

A history of reindeer 8 of 8 – Basket filled:
There are reindeer in North America, Europe and Asia. These are sacred travelers.
  • Reindeer fed adult to stay healthy
  • Sell ​​pieces of fur
  • Sell ​​bales of wool quality

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