Complete Quest and Get Free White Horse

Farmville 2: Discover the full details of the missions of the second week of winter! The missions of the first week of winter proposed by Walter came out last night and we already have for you all the details of the missions of the 2nd week will be this time proposed by Marie  As you know to successfully obtain the white horse as a reward he will do 3 missions of 3 weeks of the winter.

Walter is really too busy preparing her it is Mary who takes over to give us missions a second week of winter  we can win in these tasks, among other treats, soup and other remedies against cold!

The second week of the winter: 1 of 4 – A copy preparation

Walter is so busy preparing his farm for the winter he has time for anything else. Could you do me a small favor?

  1. Harvest plots to prepare delicious pumpkin pie
  2. Apple harvest to prepare mulled cider
  3. Draws water into your well to prevent it from freezing

The second week of the winter: 2 of 4 – Delicious treats

I can not wait to taste the Christmas goodies, but be careful to keep the line.

  1. Prepares cupcakes with mint to celebrate the holidays
  2. Take care of your dairy animals for milk accompanying cupcakes
  3. Marie to go visit him eat your candy

The second week of the winter: 3 of 4 – For a few more degrees

Look, the temperature does not stop down. Do not worry, I made a list of the best ways to stay warm.

  1. Fed reindeer fur for high quality
  2. Harvest plots onions to prepare a good gazpacho
  3. Preparing gazpacho

The second week of the winter: 4 of 4 – Sweet Winter

I have a bad habit of letting my ears hanging everywhere. I learned that Walter had been a little cold lately, and I think I know what he could warm the heart.

  1. Retrieves boxes of chocolate covered cherry
  2. Prepares glasses of lemonade with strawberry that Barbara can add a little something
  3. Strawberry harvest to prepare a special drink

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