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FarmVille Thanksgiving quests are so important while Thanksgiving day has be gone few days ago. But these quests are important for farmers so we came here with the complete guide of feast table. Invite some guests enjoy a little party and get bunch of rewards.The Feast Table is now available to place on your farm, and six new quests have been released along with it. We’re here with a guide to this Feast Table event in FarmVille 2, thanks to Zynga.

Table for Four!

  • Place the Feast Table
  • Complete 15 Tasks on Neighbors Farms
  • Make 35 Animal Feed

You should have plenty of items, like Olives, that will make great Animal Feed, since they’re so readily available from trees and you don’t have to worry about running out. As for the Feast Table, you’re just placing the base here, and will need to be “built” before you can use it. It requires eight Tablecloths, eight Sets of Plates and eight Wood Planks to complete, all available via friend requests. After that, you’ll need to hire four friends to finish the construction process by sending out even more requests to friends. For completing this first quest, you’ll receive 35 XP and 700 coins.

Now that you’ve completed the Feast Table, you can start actually gathering friends for the Feast and crafting food for your friends to eat (virtually, of course). You’ll be able to look at a “Menu” to see the items you need to craft, and will need to create four Tomato Soup, five Strawberry Lemonade and two Apple Scones to finish not only one Feast, but five. Here’s a quick look at each of those crafting recipes.

Tomato Soup = 1 Tomato Paste + 1 Broth
Strawberry Lemonade = 5  Strawberries  + 1 Lemonade
Apple Scone = 6 Apples + 1 Batter

Once that’s done, your work still isn’t over, as you’ll need to invite guests over to eat your food. The Feast Table requires four friends before you can begin a Feast, so you’ll need to either pay Farm Bucks to fill these seats instantly or send out requests for your friends to help you out. You can hold up to five Feasts throughout this Thanksgiving event, and you can earn a variety of prizes each time one is finished. The more Feasts you hold (again, up to five), the better the prizes, with items like Water, Energy, Unwithers, Pumpkin Pies, Red Eggs, Insta-Grow Boosts and other finished crafting recipes available at random.

While the Feast Tables are marked as a limited time event, this timer only relates to how long you’ll be able to place a Feast Table base on your farm, and not to how long you can spend actually filling each Table and holding each Feast. Still, we wish you the best of luck in completing these Feasts in time for Thanksgiving.

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