FarmVille 2 Strategy Guide: Level Up, Water, Crafting, Resources and More

This post will guide you how to make full use of you water, resources, level up fast in FarmVille 2. The specifics of these strategies will vary slightly depending on what level you are at, and change as your levels increase.

Water Strategy

Note:  If you can, visit your farm once an hour
  • First visit (hour 0), all your water goes to new planting, with any leftover to trees. Spend to 0, clear inbox, spend to 0;
  • Hour 1: Spend to 0 on trees of five plot visits growing your 24-hour crops. Leave your main plots alone even if there are visiting neighbors. Clear your inbox and spend to 0 again;
  • Hour 2: Spend to 0 on trees or five plot visits, clear your inbox and spend to 0 again;
  • Hour 3: Spend to 0, clear inbox, but DON’T SPEND the bonus water you get from your inbox. Save this for the next crop cycle in one hour;
  • Hour 4: This is a crop cycle hour – same as Hour 0 except you are also using water for neighbor visits

Resource Strategy

FarmVille 2 Resource Strategy
Do not sell harvested crops, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. unless you really need the coin for something Maintain savings until you get to about 500 eggs, 500 cheeses, 500 milks. Use your 24-hour crops for feed unless you run out, then use other crops as needed but only as needed. Anything above 500 of milk, eggs, cheese can be sold because you will continuously be making more.

Inbox Strategy

Spend water and bottles before clearing your inbox. Never let your inbox get to more than 125 messages waiting if you are playing the game (the number it shows is notoriously behind and you never want to get full).

Crafting Strategy

FarmVille 2 Crafting Strategy
You want lime trees, nutmeg trees, plum trees, apricot trees as soon as you can get them. Overall, the best recipes are potato salad, muffins, plum betty, apricot trifle, lime water, etc. that provide high XP and decent coin return without a bunch of crafting steps. Do nothing with your potatoes until you can make potato salad, convert your wheat to flour and make batter and pie crusts (about three batters for each one pie crust) in anticipation for plums, nutmeg, sweet potatoes.

Expansion Strategy

FarmVille 2 Expansion Strategy
Expand as soon as you can afford it. You can spend Farm Bucks wisely to get these expansions quickly – buy out the crafting portion of the requirements and complete the other two. The crafting portions are the only ones that are level-specific. So for a few farm bucks, you can get the expansions well before you would have if you waited for the crafting to become available. To get the farm bucks, check the OFFERS tab in game to see if there is anything you need or want to buy for someone for XMAS, birthdays, etc. Get the Farm Bucks as a bonus for bying these items at regular price. Only spend actual money buying farm bucks if you really want them and have found nothing you want in the offers tab.

Level Up Strategy

FarmVille 2 Level Up Strategy
As you get near leveling up, plant your highest unlocked 24-hour crop with each crop cycle until your farm is completely planted with that crop. Then, you may want to wait one more crop cycle (four hours) doing nothing but watering trees. Try to get everything watered and fertilized before leveling up. Then level up and harvest EVERYTHING to give you the highest levels of XP and crafting resources. Often, this will give you enough feed to last at least halfway through your next level.
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