FarmVille 2: New Coming Thanksgiving Items

This time the FarmVille 2 has launched some new Thanksgiving Items items, and almost of them can be brought in next 20 days.
With the American Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, it comes as no surprise that you've seen Zynga release a set of Thanksgiving themed items in FarmVille 2. Over the next 20 days, players are encouraged to purchase these items using either coins or Farm Bucks in order to bring that festive touch of fall to their farms, and here with a complete look at the items that are available to purchase.
  • Costs: 52 coins
  • Harvest time: 4 Hours
  • Can be sold for: 74 coins
  • Can be turned into: 3 Animal Feed
  • Northern Red Oak Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
  • Wild Plum Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
FarmVille 2 Thanksgiving Items Animals
  • Plymouth Rock Chicken - 30 Farm Bucks
  • Bourbon Red Turkey - 33 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Plymouth Rock Chicken - 17 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Bourbon Red Turkey - 20 Farm Bucks
FarmVille 2 Thanksgiving Items Decorations
  • Autumn Candelabrum - 4 Farm Bucks
  • Bronze Turkey Sculpture - 1,000 coins
  • Conucopia - 8 Farm Bucks
  • Farmhouse in "Ash" - 50 Farm Bucks
  • Farmhouse in "Butter" - 50 Farm Bucks
  • Farmhouse in "Cedar" - 50 Farm Bucks
  • Farmhouse in "Cream" - 450,000 coins
  • Farmhouse in "Moss" - 50 Farm Bucks
  • Harvest Wheel - 6 Farm Bucks
  • Harvest Wreath - 4 Farm Bucks
  • Indigenous Garden Gnome - 14 Farm Bucks
  • Stuart the Scarecrow - 14 Farm Bucks
  • White Pumpkin Bouquet - 4 Farm Bucks
The descriptive words next to these Farmhouses describes the color of the home, which is otherwise identical to every other. If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, you'll need to do so within the next 20 days, as they'll only be around for that long. Good luck earning enough coins for the Cream Farmhouse if you're interested in it!
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