Market Stall

If you are going to have a thriving Farm, you’ll need to earn some Coins to keep everything up and running. Your Market Stand is the key to making money in FarmVille 2. Use it to sell your Resources, Crafted Recipes and Crops for Coins!

Using your Market Stall

Your Market Stall is the little stand located at the front of your Farm. To access it, simply click on it. 

Once you do this, the Market Stall Menu will appear. This menu shows all of the items you currently have available to sell. 

Please note: not everything in FarmVille 2 can be sold in the Market Stand. Here is a list of the current items that can be sold at your Stand:

• Harvested Crops
• Ingredients (edible resources, such as Milk, Eggs and Cheese)
• Finished Products (Final Recipes)
• Resources (Saddles, Horseshoes)
• Tree Resources (Lemons, Apples, etc)

Once your menu is open, making money is easy. Clicking on an item will put it up for sale. The total amount of Coin you are going to receive shows up at the bottom of the Market Stall Menu. Every time you click on an item, it will add to this number. 

Clicking on the green button will sell the items you selected for Coins. If you accidentally place something up for sale on mistake, click on the small “X” button at the top of the Market Stand Menu. This will let you start the process over, without selling the item you accidentally selected. 

When you’re ready to sell, click on the “Sell” button and watch the Coins roll in!

Happy Farming!
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