Guide to Farm Bucks

Enhance your farming experience with Farm Bucks! Farm Bucks allow you to progress faster through the game, purchase exclusive in-game items and more.

What are Farm Bucks?

Farm Bucks are a secondary currency in FarmVille 2 that can be used to purchase items that you can’t get with Coins. 

To get Farm Bucks, you will first need to purchase Facebook Credits! 

Purchasing Facebook Credits

During your purchase of Facebook credits, you must agree to Facebook's Terms and Conditions by clicking the Buy button. You can access their Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

How to purchase Farm Bucks:
1. Click the “Add Farm Bucks & Coins” tab at the top of FarmVille 2.   

2. Select how many Farm Bucks you want to purchase.  

3. Select the payment method.

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If you select Credit Card or PayPal, you will be charged the full purchase price to that account. Your Facebook Credits balanced will not be affected.

If you select Facebook Credits, Facebook will first display how many Facebook Credits you currently have. If you have sufficient Facebook Credits to complete the purchase, you will not be asked to charge to a credit card or to PayPal; you will be able to complete the purchase with Facebook Credits. 

If you do not have sufficient Facebook Credits, Facebook will inform you of how many additional Facebook Credits are required to complete the purchase. Select a credit card or PayPal, and then select a Facebook Credit package.
NOTE: Any remaining Facebook Credits that were not used during a purchase will be added to your Facebook Credits balance and can be applied to any Zynga game!

Your current Facebook Credit balance is on the upper right-hand side of the page from within a Zynga game:

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I have Farm Bucks… now what?

Once you have purchased your Farm Bucks, your account will automatically update, reflecting your new Farm Buck balance. 

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Anytime you see the Farm Buck icon in the game, it means your Farm Bucks can be used for that particular purpose or item. If you are looking for some new things to add to your farm, the General Store is the best place to start!
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