Getting Started in FarmVille 2

Getting Started in FarmVille 2
Welcome to the getting started guide for FarmVille 2! This guide will walk you through the basics of playing FarmVille 2 and help you progress through the first few levels of the game. If you would like to learn more about any of the features mentioned in this walkthrough, scroll to the bottom of the guide for additional information.

Playing FarmVille 2
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In FarmVille 2, you have inherited the old “family farm” and now it’s time bring it to life! When you first enter the game, you’ll receive a Postcard from your old friend, Marie. After you read the postcard, just click on the “Okay” button at the bottom of it to turn it over and get a glimpse of the kind of farm you could create one day!
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Are you ready to start farming? If so, just click the “Okay” button at the bottom of the postcard picture, and you can get started.
The postcard will fade away and you will get your first glimpse of your farm! Your old friend Marie is there, waiting for you! She’s one of your neighbors and will help you get your farm going.
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Click on ‘Hi’ to greet Marie. She will walk you through the basics of playing FarmVille 2.

Harvesting Crops
The first thing Marie will teach you to do is harvest crops. Your farm already has a few planted and she can show you how to harvest them! To harvest your crops, all you have to do is click on them when they are ready. Marie’s there to show you how, just click where the bouncing yellow arrow points.

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As your crops are harvested, they will pop up off the farm plot, and bounce around near where they were planted. To gather the crops into your inventory you can just swipe your mouse pointer over them, or wait a few moments and they will automatically go to your inventory!

Tip: You can quickly plant, water and harvest crops by clicking and dragging your cursor over plots. 

Watering Crops
The next thing Marie will do is show you how to water crops that are planted. Crops need Water in order to grow, and watering them is just as easy as harvesting them. All you need to do is click on planted crops that have the water drop symbol on them and they will be watered!
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Now your crops are ready to go. They will be ready to harvest in no time!

Tip: Your water reserves will deplete as you water dry crops. If you are running low, you can ask your Neighbors for water or wait for your water to regenerate on its own. 

Planting Crops

Harvesting and watering crops are great, but you’ll need to plant them too! Marie will show you how to do that. Just click on the Market button in the lower-right corner of the game. A bouncing yellow arrow will help you find it.
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Marie would like you to plant more tomatoes. To select them just click on the tomato in the Market. Tomatoes cost 10 coins to plant and take just one minute to grow! There is a bouncing yellow arrow to help you find them.
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Now that you have tomatoes selected, you are back at your farm and ready to plant.
Crops need an empty farm plot in order to be planted. Fortunately you have a few thanks to your earlier tomato harvest. Just click on the four empty plots while the tomato is on your mouse pointer and the tomatoes will be planted and ready!

Don’t forget, now that the tomatoes are planted, they need water! Just click the plots again to water them.
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If you would like to add more empty plots to your farm, use the “Plots” button, located in the Tools Menu. Just click on the area where you would like a plot, and voila!

That’s the basics for crops. You plant them on empty farm plots by selecting the crop you want from the Market, water the planted crops, and harvest them when they are ready!

Tip: Plant crops that fit your schedule. FarmVille 2 features tons of crops with varying harvest times. Planning ahead can save you the hassle of withered crops!
Taking Care of Animals

Next Marie will help you learn how to take care of the animals on your Farm! She will give you some feed to get you started, and ask you to feed your chicken. Just swipe your mouse over the feed to collect it, and then click on your hungry chicken.
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When you do this, your chicken will eat the feed and give you an egg. Swipe your mouse over the egg to collect it.

Next, a wild goat will jump out of the bushes and onto your farm! She’s hungry too, just click her to feed her and get some milk.
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That’s the basics for animals. Give them feed and they will give you an Ingredient that you can sell for coins!

One good thing worth knowing is that your friends can visit your farm and feed your animals for free. You don’t need to have enough feed for them to do this, and it’s a great way to keep all of your animals happy. Let’s invite some of your friends to play FarmVille 2 with you!

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Just select the friends you would like to invite and click “Send” to invite them. They will be farming with you in no time!
If you don’t want to invite friends right away, just click the ‘X’ button at the top right corner of the neighbor invite window.

Tip: Different Animals produce different Ingredients. By opening the Market and hovering your cursor over the Animal’s Market Cards, you can find out what Ingredients they will provide you. 

Section: The Market Stand

Now that you know how to harvest crops and goods, it’s time to learn how to get more coins! Marie will take you over to your market stand, go ahead and click on it and we can learn how to sell your crops and goods!

Once you click the Market Stand, the Sell Your Goods window will open. Just click on the items you want to sell to get them queued up. Marie would like you to sell one Milk and one Egg.
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Once they are both selected for sale, just click the ‘Sell’ button and you are done! The coins will be on your farm next to the Market stand. You can swipe them with your mouse, or just wait a few moments and they will be automatically added to your total.

Using the Market Stand is that easy! If you have Ingredients or Crops, you can sell them in the Market Stand for Coins.

Tip: If you accidentally select something you don’t want to sell, you can cancel the sale by pressing the “X” in the top right of the Market Stand Menu. 


Now it’s time to expand your farm. Marie will take you to the back field and offer to help clear it. Before she can do that you have to make sure you can afford it. Click on the back field where the bouncing arrow is.

All you need for this expansion is 175 coins, and you have them! Just click the ‘Expand’ and more space is yours!! Marie will call in a few friends to help clean up the expansion and uncover a few new items for you to use!
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That’s all you need to know to expand your farm. Each expansion has requirements, and as you meet them you can unlock more farming space, and new secret items, like the Feed Mill.
Tip: Did you know that unlocking certain expansions will grant you Decorations, Resources and access to new game mechanics?

Leveling Up

You now have enough experience to reach Level 2! The Level Up window will show you the items you have earned with your new level, and let you share a reward with your friends. In this case, at Level 2 you unlock the Wheat crop!
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As an additional bonus, when you level up any of your planted crops will mature and be ready to harvest, and you will get some free coins and water!

Tip: Keep leveling to unlock new Decorations, Crops, Animals and so much more!

Making Feed & Using Notes

Now that you know how to grow crops, feed animals, and sell crops and goods, it’s time to learn how to make feed for your animals.

On the upper left side of your screen there is a Note that will teach you how. It has a picture of Marie and a bouncing arrow to make it easy to find. Just click on that picture and you will see what you need to do to get started!
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Marie would like you to make four feed from your tomatoes, and to feed a chicken! You can close this note, or click the “Go to Farm!” buttons to get to it! When you do, Marie will walk you over to your Feed Mill and ask you to turn the crank to make feed.

Just click on the Feed Mill to get started!

Your feed mill will let you turn those tomatoes into feed for your Animals. All you need to do is click on the picture of the tomato four times.

At the bottom of the Feed Mill window, it will show you how much feed you are going to make. In this case, four tomatoes will make four feed.

Click the “Make” button and the feed is yours! If you ever change your mind about the feed you are making, you can close this window and cancel the action by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the Feed Mill window.
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In this case, click the ‘Make’ button for Marie. The feed will be made and ready for you on your farm. Swipe it and it’s yours!

Your chicken is hungry again; click her to feed her! This will complete the ‘Vittles for Your Littles’ Reminder and give you experience and coin as a reward!
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Click the ‘Okay’ button to close the reward window.

Tip: Notes are there to help you progress through the game. You can complete them at your own pace!
Other Crops

So far you have learned how to plant, water, and harvest crops, take care of your animals, make feed for them, and sell your crops and goods. Let’s take one last step and plant some long term crops that have higher selling value!
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Marie would like you to harvest eight tomatoes and then plant and water eight wheat. Wheat is a longer term crop, taking four hours to be ready to harvest, but giving you more coin in return when sold, or more feed if you use it in the mill!

If you click ‘Go to Farm!’ you will close the note and be back on your farm to take care of Marie’s requests!
…and that’s the end of the Getting Started Guide! At this point Marie will go home to take care of her farm!
You can visit Marie, harvest your tomatoes and plant wheat, play with your animals, decorate, or anything you want! Welcome to FarmVille2, we hope you have fun!
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