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Tinsel, Tassels, Bells and Whistles!

Tinsel, Tassels, Bells and Whistles! Place the box of signature decorations on your farm!

 Complete Holiday Lists for Marie and the gang! Win decorations for your farm, and a baby Tiger-Spotted Mini Donkey!

Release Date: ?

Box of Signature

Ask/Post to Friends:

Copper Alloy

Yellow Frosted Glass

Red Frosted Glass

Baker's Sugar

Gold Trim

Silver Trim


Blue Holiday Cookie

Red Holiday Cookie

Yellow Holiday Cookie

Green Cookie

Blue Bell

Green Bell

Red Bell

Yellow Bell

Blue Light

Green Light

Red Light

Yellow Light

Blue Ribbon

Green Ribbon

Red Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon


Baby Tiger-Spotted Mini Donkey
Adult Tiger-Spotted Mini Donkey
Prized Tiger-Spotted Mini Donkey

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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