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Cornelius' Halloween Candies & FarmVille's Punch Card is Here!

Let's Play! Buy Tastes from Cornelius! Taste Candies to discover Mystery Gifts! Collect All Mystery Gifts to win an exclusive Chocktaw Horse. The first Candy is free!

-Get Punches by purchasing Farm Bucks.
-Win a bonus baby Rabbit by getting Punches faster!
-Earn a baby Noriker Mini Horse every time you fill your Punch Card!

Baby Noriker Mini Horse
Adult Noriker Mini Horse
Prized Noriker Mini Horse

Baby Continental Giant Rabbit
Adult Continental Giant Rabbit
Prized Continental Giant Rabbit

Baby Choctaw Horse
Adult Choctaw Horse
Prized Choctaw Horse

Stone Hedge Fence

Stone Hedge Gate

Pumpkin Dusk Paver

Spooky Lights Fence

Stone Crypt

Halloween Candy Stand


Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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