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Build Your Fondue Vat!

Create delicious fondue for your friends and earn Chocolate Hearts in return! Friends will leave Chocolate Hearts when they visit your Fondue Vat.

Invite your friends over to collect fondue and earn Chocolate Hearts in return! Win a baby Amiatina Donkey!

Release Date: 26/01/2016

Fondue Kettle
Wooden Skewer
Checkered Tablecloth
Fondue Vat

Chocolate Heart

New Rewards:

Arjuna Tree
Heirloom Arjuna Tree
Elder Arjuna Tree
Arjuna Tree Log
Heirloom Arjuna Tree Log

A beautiful set of pavers shaped like hearts.

Brick Heart Pavers x5

Freshen up your farm with this outstanding bronze fountain!

Overflowing Bronze Fountain

Goodie Bag

New Recipes:

Some fruit and some flower for a delicious combo!

Pears in Syrup

A delightful cheesecake for the perfect evening dessert.

Swiss Cheesecake

Chocolate and milk, hot and foamy. Delicious to the brim!

Foaming Chocolate

New Animal:

Baby Amiatina Donkey
Adult Amiatina Donkey
Prized Amiatina Donkey

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Cupcake Mold

Milk Frother

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Bed, Breakfast and Bonding"

Perfumed Paper
Crimson Ink
Heart Pillowcase

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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