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Prep your river for Water Horsetail! (Coming 13/07/2015)

Plant Water Horsetail and check out Redhead Ducks, Lanzones Trees and much more!


Nashi Pear Tree
Heirloom Nashi Pear Tree
Elder Nashi Pear Tree
Nashi Pear Tree Fruit
Heirloom Nashi Pear Tree Fruit

Lanzones Tree
Heirloom Lanzones Tree
Elder Lanzones Tree
Lanzones Tree Fruit
Heirloom Lanzones Tree Fruit

Purple Robe Locust Tree
Heirloom Purple Robe Locust Tree
Elder Purple Robe Locust Tree
Purple Robe Locust Tree Fruit
Heirloom Purple Robe Locust Tree Fruit


Baby LaMancha Dairy Goat
Adult LaMancha Dairy Goat
Prized LaMancha Dairy Goat

Baby Redhead Duck
Adult Redhead Duck
Prized Redhead Duck

Baby White Mammoth Donkey
Adult White Mammoth Donkey
Prized White Mammoth Donkey

Baby White Galloway Mini Cow

Adult White Galloway Mini Cow
Prized White Galloway Mini Cow


Water Horsetail
Prized Water Horsetail


Purple Robe Locust Wreath
Heirloom Purple Robe Locust Wreath

Nashi Pear Dumplings
Heirloom Nashi Pear Dumplings

Stuffed and Baked Nashi Pears
Heirloom Stuffed and Baked Nashi Pears

Lanzones Macaron
Heirloom Lanzones Macaron

Lanzones Tapioca Pudding
Heirloom Lanzones Tapioca Pudding

Water Horsetail Health Drink
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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