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Check out the Productions of How about a tuft of Candytufts?

During the next weeks will arrive a new market in FarmVille 2 with limited edition Recipes. Below the specifications for the production of these recipes.

It will be available from 06/07/2015 to 03/08/2015!

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Cacao Breakfast Smoothie:


Cacao Breakfast Smoothie = Cacao x6 + Strawberry x8

Heirloom Cacao Breakfast Smoothie:


Heirloom Cacao Breakfast Smoothie Heirloom Cacao x6 + Strawberry x8

Cacao Fudgesicle:


Cacao Fudgesicle Cacao x6 + Milk x2 + Sugar x2

Heirloom Cacao Fudgesicle:


Heirloom Cacao Fudgesicle = Heirloom Cacao x6 + Milk x2 + Sugar x2

Breadfruit Pie:


Breadfruit Pie = Bradfruit x6 + Wheat x8 + Milk x2

Heirloom Breadfruit Pie:


Heirloom Breadfruit Pie Heirloom Bradfruit x6 + Wheat x8 + Milk x2

Breadfruit Ravioli:


Breadfruit Ravioli Bradfruit x8 + Wheat x8

Heirloom Breadfruit Ravioli:


Heirloom Breadfruit Ravioli = Heirloom Bradfruit x8 + Wheat x8

Candytuft Paper:


Candytuft Paper = Candytuft x10 + Water x2 + Papyrus x12

Candytuft Earrings:


Candytuft Earrings Candytuft x8 + Crafting Beads x3
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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