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It's Red Okra Gumbo time! (Market LE Items)

Plant Red Okra and check out Ginger Nigora Goat, Northern Pie Apple Trees and much more!

Release Date: 29/06/2015


Red Okra
Prized Red Okra


Baby English Longhorn Cow
Adult English Longhorn Cow
Prized English Longhorn Cow

Baby Ginger Nigora Goat
Adult Ginger Nigora Goat
Prized Ginger Nigora Goat

Baby Tri-Color Kune Kune Pig
Adult Tri-Color Kune Kune Pig
Prized Tri-Color Kune Kune Pig

Baby Brown Contentine Donkey
Adult Brown Contentine Donkey
Prized Brown Contentine Donkey


Himalayan Hemlock
Heirloom Himalayan Hemlock
Elder Himalayan Hemlock
Himalayan Hemlock Log
Heirloom Himalayan Hemlock Log

Northern Pie Apple Tree
Heirloom Northern Pie Apple Tree
Elder Northern Pie Apple Tree
Northern Pie Apple Tree Fruit
Heirloom Northern Pie Apple Tree Fruit

Carambola Tree
Heirloom Carambola Tree
Elder Carambola Tree
Carambola Tree Fruit
Heirloom Carambola Tree Fruit


Pickled Red Okra

Red Okra Gumbo

Carambola Bread and Butter Pudding
Heirloom Carambola Bread and Butter Pudding

Carambola Relish
Heirloom Carambola Relish

Pie Apple Rose Tart
Heirloom Pie Apple Rose Tart

Pie Apple Taco
Heirloom Pie Apple Taco
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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